Birds and Worms

Worm POV

I thought this was a really good picture of a worm POV photo. I really like the angle in this photo because it puts the people statues as tall and powerful. I also really like the colours and the contrast they create. The dark black of the statues against the grey and cloudy sky is very stark. I also like the bit of green from the tree in the corner for a bit of colour. It also uses the rule of thirds as the two front people are standing along the third lines. If I had to improve something I’d probably choose a different subject to more accurately portray the smallness of the worm.

Bird POV

I don’t really like this bird POV photo very much as its not very interesting. It was hard to get a birds eye photo in the school as there aren’t many tall areas or building as most of them are only one of two stories. I do like the colours though of the greens, red and the grey of the sky. I just think there’s too much going on. If I were to retake this photo I would probably stand on a balcony or next to a tall window and take a photo facing downwards making my subject something like a plant or tree.

Faceless Self Portrait

Our task was to take a faceless portrait. I decided to use a piece of bark to cover my face. I tried other things to cover my face with such as leaves and branches of trees and even my camera itself but I think this photo was the best.

I like the texture of the photo with the tree bark, the tree trunk being me and the greens in the background. I think they look really nice together and create a contrast between the immediate and more far away background. I also think the colours are good in the contrast between the grey/brown of the tree and the bright blues and greens of my dress and the background.

To improve this picture I would probably bring in a costume or different clothes as the blue of my dress drags attention away from the other more important aspects of the photo. I think a light green coloured shirt would work a lot better by creating harmony with the light green leaves in the background and also contrast with the tree immediately behind me. I also think it would look better if the tree trunk in the background was clearer and not as blurred around the edges. The blur of the further background where it is green looks good but I think the blur towards the edges of the tree trunk is not that good. Overall I think it is a pretty good photo.

Leadership on Year 9 OLP

To me leadership is about making your team the best it can be and teaching them to work at their full potential and with each other to the best of their ability. On the year 9 OLP I had so many chances and opportunities to be a leader. There were so many things that needed to be done and we didn’t have any real guidance from adults. This meant that members of the group sometimes had to step up and be a leader to get the group moving or organise something.

My group walking along the Kalbarri cliffs

Taking Initiative

Leadership doesn’t require forceful control but rather guiding people to utilize their strengths.  An example of when I had to use my leadership skills was after coming back from hikes or activities some of my group members visibly and audibly hungry. Rather then joining in by voicing my concerns, I took the initiative to delegate tasks so we could efficiently cook some food. For example, I made the executive decision to give the chopping job to someone who was more experienced and comfortable with knives. However, since I didn’t feel comfortable using knives, I looked after the pot to ensure the food didn’t burn. Rather then doing all the jobs myself, by delegating, I allowed people to work to their strengths, getting tasks done quickly. By splitting the jobs, it encouraged everyone to get involved.

My camp group cooking dinner at the 4 ways camp site


Being a leader isn’t a position, its about the actions you take, as it requires the cooperation of all team members. For example, each day our camp group had different leaders who would coordinate when we woke up, slept, cooked and left for different activities. In order for the leader to be successful it requires the team members to cooperate. Just by listening to the leaders and giving constructive suggestions, I was being a leader to other people in my group and showing what it means to be a team player. It became apparent, the success of the leader relies on the participation and unity of the other members.  By being cooperative, I helped our group work better as a team as instead of everyone fighting and everyone’s ideas clashing I helped to make sure everyone listened to out leaders.

My group journalling at the Murchison River

Overall, camp was a very valuable experience, forcing and teaching us to work with people we wouldn’t normally work with and learn to lead others. This helped set us up for projects we will have to do in school and also for later life such as getting a job and working with other people.


This year, 2020, I signed up for after-school visits to RAAFA. I chose it because I wanted to do something after school and also wanted to help people. I have only been to two sessions so far, but I already love it. We alternate between two activities. One is where we go talk to the residents in the dementia area of RAAFA. It is really nice to hear about their lives and talk to them about our day. The alternating week we play Xbox games with the residents. It is really fun because we all just eat and chat and while we play games such as bowling on the Xbox we were all supporting each other and it was really sad when we had to go. I really hope to do it again next year and I feel that it was such a great choice of co-curricular as I really enjoy it and I’m sure the residents at RAAFA enjoy it as well.

InnovatED – Nulsen Digital Scrapbook Project

Digital Scrapbook

This term in InnovatED we worked with the school’s service partners to help solve a problem they had. I chose to help Nulsen who gave us the challenge of digitising their resident’s scrapbooks which can help their carers know what they need help and special care with. This project went for about ten weeks and we were constantly learning new skills. I learnt a lot about working in a team and problem-solving. I also learnt some tech skills. We then pitched to a representative from Nulsen and were told our idea was feasible and clearly shown. This project was a great chance for me to help people in the real world.