Birds and Worms

What I like about this photo is that you can take both perspectives of either a bird or a worm. Because of the angle and the view, you can perceive it as a bird in the air looking up or a worm on the floor looking up into the sky. A few improvements could include the shine off the camera lens. This can be fixed by adjusting the angle/position of the camera and possibly how focused or not it is. The trees seem like they are obstructing the wrong side or angle/corner of the frame. I think I’ll let the trees cover the frame little more so then the shine is reduced.

The photo is ok, it could use some minor improvements to increase the overall quality.

This photo is supposed to be the perception of a worm. I tried to make it unique, and instead of looking up the worm could be out and about and travelling around the campus.

What I like about this photo is that it doesn’t get the whole shot of the frame and leaves the outside blurred out. This represents the size and insignificance of the worm compared to the shot of the bird. I think I could’ve made the photo more creative like using more tools on the camera to get more detail on a specific detail in the shot.

This photo could use a lot more improvement in terms of detail and shots. The setting could’ve been more creative or different.

Faceless Portrait

I think my faceless portrait looks fine, overall, looks fine. I think a few things I could’ve done better like the camera angle, there was a bit of blur in the background, camera placement and the actual environment.

Things I liked:

I likes how the branch covered Zeke’s face, the lighting, the texture of the branch and and leaves.

Things I could improve on:

The blurriness of the background, covering too much of Zeke’s face, the amount of shadows, the camera angle and the film grain from the sky.

For a first time, the faceless portrait is pretty ok. It could use some improvements that are minor, but affect the photo drastically.

Sustainability: Food Waste

For our project, I feel like our group could’ve worked a lot better. This is because of some of the lack of communication like some of us not knowing what we’re doing/researching. I could’ve cooperated more, mainly holding me back because of ADD, and this was because of the amount of time that I was at school, due to personal matters at home. Matthew, mainly, carried us for the presentation and I wasn’t able to speak too well because of stage fright. In conclusion, I think that I could’ve done better as a whole because of my lack of self confidence