My Reflection on Covid-19

2020 has been one of the strangest years of my life… Who would have thought a global; pandemic would change our lives so much so soon.

Whilst challenging, it has also provided me with a chance to reflect on what matters to me. 

Personally, I learnt that the impact on the world of crazy and how much people lives had changed over a small amount of time. Learning at home was surprisingly easy and also the impact on friendships was crazy some friendships were lost and some new ones more made. The positives about the pandemic were people had more time to focus on themself and their wellbeing and they had more time to spend with there family and they found many different ways to socialise more like over facetime. but whenever there are positives there are also negatives some people sleeping schedule might have gone downhill and some people miss the time they could spend away from there siblings.

In terms of my family, I learnt that spending a lot of time can either bring out the best of your family or the worst I ended up getting closer with my sister and the coronavirus had some positive and negative impacts on my family some positive ones were that we became closer with my family and we started having more game and movie nights and every positive always comes with a negative sometimes I was really close around my sister and sometimes I needed some space and sometimes my sister would be pretty loud but you would get used to it after a while.

In terms of community. I learnt that the community actually became closer and they would be talking more often and you would be talking to people that you never really talk to and everyone benefited in some way by improving in there use of technology after being at home relaying on technology for everything. But some positives were we had no uniform and were in an environment that we were used to and we had more freedom with some classes like wellbeing and options and the student-led day and a massive bonus was we would be able to eat during class. The negatives were it was a lot more difficult to have one on one time with teachers and there were so many people on the call sometimes it was hard to ask questions.



This term in health we have been focusing on the topic of online safety and how to behave online. And before I used these online apps like Instagram, snap chat and Tik Tok for fun and talking with friends and also using it for inspiration.i also used search engines like google, internet explorer to find other websites and to help with school and just for entertainment.i also had to use OneNote outlook and teams and other apps for school purposes and I also used Netflix, youtube etc for entertainment purpose. Some Key things I learnt in this unit was for Empathy that its more important to listen than to talk and not to say At least… because whenever you are feeling down it is the worst when someone says for example let say you failed a test and someone says well at least you didn’t fail all of your test because it usually makes us feel worst because we never usually think about how they feel and we don’t pretend that we are in their shoes basically what I am saying is don’t forget to listen not talk and don’t silver line it by saying At Least… Next is Critical Thinking is to think before you do because if you see something online people who post it. they are either professionals or it is photoshopped and if you see it people usually think “oh that will get the views/likes I need”. Or “that seems easy”. even though it ends out that it is painful. and can cause a bad injury and can also cause death. Imagine if you saw a video of someone doing cool parkour and you saw it and said it’s easy and then when you try it you never know the outcome could be good or bad. Next is respect, respect is when you be a leader not a sheep for example if someone is getting bullied and someone has started a chain of mean comments instead of joining in stand up for them and imagine what it would be like in their shoes. Responsibility imagines if you were at the skate park someone could be having a fight and your friends could be filming but what you should do is stand up and know if you can just separate it and know the difference between right and wrong and know when to get adults involved. next is a big topic. Dolly’s Dream this is a way to show what out impact does if we don’t help and use all these topics in our everyday life because we don’t know how they feel because we are a screen apart. if you can’t say it to their face don’t say it at all. it can prevent suicide and if you think suicide can happen at any age-old or young Dolly was only 14 and there was also a 9-year-old and you can see the age can change this happened because of how people were treating them not only online but also in public.


This term in Innovate[Ed] we were focusing on different UN goals. I chose to be in Mr Coleman’s group which worked on UN Global Goal #14 Life Below Water. We worked on some questions on butchers paper to see how we would help and make a difference to save the life below water. Then we were separated into 3 separate groups. Action, Marketing and Researching.

I joined the marketing group and we split into subgroups like flyers, poster, bracelets, website and Minecraft World. I joined the public speaking group with Aaron Ravi. We were to share different ways to save life underwater with other groups in the school. We made a plan about what we were going to say and organised made two powerpoints. The Powtoons was for the Kindys – year 2 and the different one for Years 3 – 6. Initially, we were thinking about doing the whole school but after thinking and talking about it, we decided that our efforts were best focussed on Junior School.

When we had completed our Powtoon, we helped the other groups. I helped marketing with making bracelets for those who participated in this project and also to spread awareness. They were laser cut and tied with string. The bracelets would help promote this cause in more places.

I also helped the action group with what they would do to display their rubbish and we decided on a cloud with rubbish hanging off it which is displayed in the 7W classroom. On the last week of Innovate[Ed], our group went to do a beach clean up. It was a good experience because we got to help the environment and we got to find out how much rubbish is being left around on just a little piece of land. Now, Aaron and I are preparing a speech for Ms Hill (Dean of Teaching and Learning). We are also going to speak to the classes.


I dance and recently there was a school dance concert called IMPACT many people in Year 7 and throughout all the school from Year 3 to Year 12. I have been in the dance concerts since I was in Year 3. But out of school, I have been dancing since the age of 2. As stated in my about me section I love Jazz and Contemporary. In the dance concert this year I was in Hannah’s Dance (Year 11) Contemporary “Down a Rabbit Hole” we wore Alice in Wonderland costumes and the song was an edited version of DKLA by Troy Sivan with Quotes from Alice in Wonderland. AJ’s Dance (Year 11) Jazz ” Until the bell rings” we wore long neon orange skirts with a white shirt and black canvas shoes. It was a Riverdale themed dance with the two songs from Riverdale Jailhouse Rock and Kids in America it was also edited by AJ to add a school bell etc. The last dance was the Year 7 dance it was choreographed by Amy Burwood and Holly Morgan. ( Leavers of 2019) we danced to Spectrum by Florence. Our costumes were Black Leggings and shirt with coloured mini skirts you would either receive Yellow, Green, Pink, Orange. I was Yellow. I was planning to be in the advanced Jazz piece called Lady Like I do not know what the song was called but it was the piece with the red dresses and tan Jazz shoes. I was unable to participate in that piece because I had badly hurt my knee and when it was healed I knew I would be too far behind in the dance. It was a fun and exciting experience to be in the IMPACT dance concert. we were playing for three nights Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. it was a very busy start of term three leading up to the dance concert we were having tech rehearsal all the time even Sunday.


I play basketball. Every Friday our team has been working hard to improve our skills and working our way to get in the finals. We play every Saturday, our team consists of Madi, Mackenzie, Salma and Abbey we also have two students from Year 8 Zoe D and Amberly and in year 6 we have Cerys. We mainly thank our coach in year 10 Liam and we also have Zoe’s mum Kate. On the basketball ladder we are second with 4 games we have lost and 13 we have won. Now we are preparing to play in the semi-finals against the third team. Hopefully, we make it to the Grand final we are all crossing our fingers.