About me 2020

Hi, my name is Georgia. The most significant things about me are:

  • family (my background is a recent photo of my family and I)
  • helping others
  • dance
  • netball
  • travel
  • friends

I am a social person who enjoys hanging out with my friends and working with others in various endeavors. I like to help people, whether that be my friends or other students at school and I maintain great relationships with my peers. I also get along well with adults and have healthy, respectful relationships with teachers and all adults. I’m often relied upon to assist the teachers in the classroom and around the College as well as with my outside interests.

Overall, I am a confident, fun-loving and happy person who loves a challenge loves people and loves experiencing new things.



China Study Tour 2018

On the 20th of September 2018, I set off to Guangzhou with 16 of my school friends and 5 of my favourite teachers. The trip was an amazing opportunity because I was able to experience being away from home for over 2 weeks including a homestay for 5 days. I was also able to experience school in Shenzhen for 5 days. Throughout those days, I had to learn how to be friends with anyone, if they speak your language or not. We also used lots of different capabilities such as ethics, effective communication, being self-aware and organised. We had to be ethical as we were in another country without our family at age 12 and we were representing our school and our country. We had to make sure we were organised as we had to do our own washing, we had a hotel room that we shared with one other friend and we needed to effectively communicate with English and Mandarin speakers. 


Another part of the trip was the exchange. A year prior I had a student come from Shenzhen and stay with me in Perth. It was a strange experience having somebody who didn’t speak any English come and stay in my house but it was an incredibility fun experience. We got to show her around Perth and via Google translate discover our differences and similarities. Even though there was a language barrier we were still friends and had an amazing time. It was easy for her to fit into my weekly plan as she came to school with me and was basically ‘my shadow’ for 3 days.

Overall, this opportunity was fantastic. I grew so much as a person, learned how to be independent, and was able to see some amazing historical sites such as The Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Warriors.

InnovatED – Leadership and Effective Communication

This semester in InnovatED, I was apart of the documentary team. Our team had a big responsibility to carry out an effective and engaging video explaining what we had achieved, despite the circumstances and how the other groups performed. I chose to highlight Leadership and effective communication because we had a very special way of showing leadership and an interesting time trying to effectively communicate.

Our leadership wasn’t based on only one person, it was based on what the circumstances were. For example, we would be all working collaboratively then an issue would arise and so one person would take the lead to explain to everybody, then we would go back to being equal.

Effective communication was an interesting point for us. Although we were collaborating together we weren’t communicating properly. For example, I would be working on sorting the videos and so organising who else was helping and what they were doing, then suddenly all my videos would be disappearing because somebody had already sorted them. If we had more time I feel as if we would be able to overcome this issue and work both collaboratively and have good communication.


Demo video

Textiles Monster

In Textiles 2019, we worked on creating monsters out of felt. First was the design and creative thinking exercise which I struggled with as my skills lie in writing or explaining. We drew up some characters from the movie ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ then moved onto brainstorming creative ideas. I came up with a variety of fun looking monsters. In the next couple of weeks, we drew and cut out coloured fabric to sew. This made me nervous with limited experience on a sewing machine. In this class, I learned how challenging hand sewing was. Relying on the sewing machine enabled me to move on. Looking back now, I didn’t have to take this assessment as seriously as I did. The final products were exhibited in the CPA and I am very proud of my effort and finished product.

Semester 2 Report Review

Overall, I am happy with my Semester 2 Report. In my reflection from Semester 1, I didn’t get as many A’s as I would have liked but the work did also get progressively more challenging (it is also not about the grade.) My subjects were different from the previous Semester as well as I needed to balance Food Tech (which I was very confident in) to textiles (which I am not confident in at all). While I am happy with the marks I achieved, this made a noticeable difference in my results.

In Year 8, I would like to focus more on Maths, Science and Health as those were the only C grades I received. I do noticeably better in English and HASS, and I would like to maintain my A grade. It has always been a goal for me to get an Academic Award, but I do find it very challenging with all of my extracurricular activities and the workload getting larger. Next year I am going to put extra revision in for Maths and Science. For Health I am going to try and be more engaged in class discussions.

Class Representation and Service Councilor

In 2019 I  had the pleasure of representing my class and College service partners as a Class Representative (Semester 1) and a Service Councilor (Semester 2).  When I first put my hand up for class representative, I was quite nervous. I was new to the College and not many people knew me. I took this as an opportunity to make an attention-grabbing speech. Instead of the old boring read in front of the class, I wrote my speech out on big pieces of card and got the class to read it for me. All while I was dancing to prepared music. Then for my service role, I used my experience and the positive approach to fuel my application. Applying for Service Councilor 2020 was an easy decision for me as I had a blast being able to help on the service team last year. In the image I am in the Chapel, receiving my Service Councilor badge. The Class Representative was also an amazing opportunity and the next chance I get I will be going for that as well.

Homeless Sleep out

While trying to learn more about homelessness, I had the opportunity to sleepout at Notre Dame University. The sleepout was most definitely eye-opening. We had to sleep rough for a night, eat food that was prepared for us by a soup kitchen (like homeless shelter foods) and share this space with a large group of others. The sleeping arrangement was the hardest, we were sleeping on a cold concrete floor in a sleeping bag, squashed up against everybody else. It would have just been a sleepless night, if it didn’t rain, around midnight it started pouring with rain. We were cold, wet and couldn’t wait to get home. This experience made me realise how challenging it was for these normal people who just got themselves into a bit of trouble. Through this experience I learned about the services that were available for people living on the streets, how easy it is to become homeless – just one or two things can go wrong and people can end up sleeping rough. One of the highlights of the evening was a performance by homeless youth where they demonstrated the transition from privilege to homelessness – it was incredibly powerful.

$2 a Day – Live Below the Line

In 2018, I participated in the $2 a day challenge, its where you eat off $2 a day for 2-5 days. As I was only 11, I ate for 2 days. They raise money for people who can barely afford to eat $2 worth of food a day. I raised almost $200 and I spread lots of awareness though people from school. This May I am going to be participating as well as I want to continue raising awareness and money for such a great cause. Through school, I am also going to try and get even more people to join me in this fight to beat people with less disposable income. 


Citizenship Award

At my Year 6 Graduation, I was awarded the Citizenship Award. It was a great honor to receive this award. Even as a Year 6 I valued the way I could have an impact on both the school and wider community. I had shown that through being a student councilor, making mature choices and being a positive role model for the younger students, individuals could make a difference. The best thing about this is that I really enjoyed all the experiences I had and it wasn’t like work at all. It was humbling to be acknowledged for doing things that I really enjoyed.

Year 7 Week-long Camp

Year 7 camp was something I was told to look forward to. I remember being super nervous to find out my group and my dorm, I treated it like it was the end of the world if I didn’t have my friends in that group. Looking back now, I think that it was good that I didn’t have many of my friends in my group as I got to extend my friends and learn to get along and fit in with anybody, on top of the physical challenges we experienced. I was pushed on the overnight camp as you had to walk there. This involved walking over ant nests and under electric fences which was an exhilarating experience. We had to use all different capabilities throughout the whole camp, resilience on the pamper pole, problem-solving in the dorms, collaboration when cooking our food, inquisitive about new experiences and leadership in the variety of activities. I am very excited about the Year 8 camp with my house, especially if Year 7 is anything to go by.