Dear Year 12 me

Dear year 12 me

Dear Isaac This year has had it’s ups and downs but really all around it was fun. The best learning moment of this year was the year 8 camp because i got to learn new skills and ability i didn’t know i had, i also enjoyed learning different peoples culture and what they are interested in. In year 8 camp there where alot of problems we had to get through physical and mental. I learnt about different people and there culture aswell

The thing i would change about this year is the spread of the different tests because most of them are packed into one one or two weeks and it’s really stressfull for most students in the year, so i would love if they were all spread through out year 8. I would also like to change the amount of co-corricular activites i did because this year i didn’t do much and they looked like a lot of fun.

The time i be myself is with my friends because i don’t feel judged and i can laugh and have as most fun as i can with them. I also feel like i can be myself in media and acting class because i can do the best of my ability.



Growth mindset

when in bali with friends and family we decided to go up into the hills and try the climbing course they had there. We arrived at the climbing course and they were attched to the trees that were above 20m high from the ground. I thought to myself hell no i am not going on that thing. But when the instructor told us what to do it actually looked really simple, he gave us a try on the miniature version of the course and i decided i was going to give it a try. Whe i got on the first level i loved it, it was great fun. I almost went on all the courses they had there that almost went up to 40 metres high. This just shows how thinking positively will get somthing great out of it because when i was fixed i went to growth.

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