My Eportfolio

  • Fixed and Growth Mindset
    A fixed mindset is when you have been struggling with something and you started to think that you can’t do it. Where as a growth mindset is when you believe that you can complete this goal you have and get past a road block. A time i have had a closed/ fixed mindset is when […]
  • Utopia project
    During term 2 and 3 year 7 worked on a utopia project where we had to create a close to perfect and sustainable world. This project incorporated a lot of subjects such as English, science, humanities and innovatED. We started off this whole process by doing the giver the project. The idea of the story […]
  • Getting started!
    Welcome to your brand new portfolio at All Saints’ College. This is a post.  To get started, simply edit or delete this post and check out all the other options available to you. You can create ‘rows’ like this and have multiple columns. This row has two columns, one with an image and is full width. […]