I’m Jarvis Faulks

Hi, I’m Jarvis Faulks and I like to play basketball and footy I made the state WA for both basketball and footy I play in WABL team 2 for the Willetton Tigers. I play for Willetton football club I have been playing for them for 9 years. I go to AllSaints college I’m in year 7. I went to Willetton primary school. I like to learn new things and making new friends and I try to get along with every.

  • UTopia reflextion
    Utopia project The first thing we did for the project utopia was read the Giver. The Giver was a book that was trying to have a perfect community with nothing bad happening like crime. Everyone would have the same rights and the same house, but the community was not perfect, then the teacher had the
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I went to Willetton primary school for 8 years and won the sports captain and the Tangney Endeavour Award.w I like learning new stuff about that world and how can I help it get better or how can I help people in need like give the money or clothes and I like hearing peoples stories and how they good in the problem that they are in. My strength is playing basketball because I’m good at it also my strength is also footy because I love to learn more about the game that I don’t know already, It is also good to challenge for my fitness and for my brain. My skills are running long distance, short distance, play basketball, footy, long jump and throwing also I like to learn new thing about the game and learn how to play new sports.