• Fixed and Growth Mindsets…
    Demonstrating a fixed mindset can be unhealthy while it also can help your mind to understand what a roadblock is, it can teach you when you have to stop but overall people try to avoid falling into this. The time I demonstrated this mindset was when I was playing tennis, although I was in a […]
  • The Christmas Market
    A project that tested our thinking and creativity, a task that challenged us mentally in our business minds, an assessment that was enjoyable but difficult, this was the Christmas Market. Let me take you back to the very beginning of term four of year 7 in 2020. As we learned about business and trade in […]
  • Project Utopia
    Overview Over the span of term two and three of year seven we were given a project that would test our thinking and creativity, as well as teaching us skills and strengths that we would soon take onto our future lives. This task mentally challenged us in many subjects and learning areas across the curriculum. […]

Hi, I’m Jayden and welcome to my very own E-Portfolio

In this custom E-Portfolio, you can find information about myself in the about me page, you can also find what I do around the community at ASC in the community and service page, in my projects page you can find all of my most recent projects in English, Humanities, Science, and Maths. In the Innovation and Enterprise page, you can find the work or ideas that I have been working on and finally, in the Teamwork and Leadership page, you can find all of the things that I have been doing in leadership and teambuilding activities.