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dear year 8 me

One of the best learning experiences I had in Year 8 was most likely the InnovatED service partner projects – I found these very helpful in learning how to organize real-life solutions, and working with the smaller and larger teams.

The most enjoyable experience of Year 8 was OLP with my house. I really enjoyed spending time with my house group, getting to know everyone and having a good time; everyone in Stirling gets along really well and some of the campfire stories were… interesting (especially ‘the cubicle’ – if a terrible dad joke with no punchline could transform into a campfire story, this was it). Overall, it was nice to get away for a week and have some memorable experiences.

I learned the most about myself most likely on camp as well, especially in the team-building type exercises – finding out that I am a mediator, especially in arguments, and that I tend to speak my mind less than I should in activities such as on the low ropes course. I found this quite interesting, and decided to attempt to speak my mind more before the end of camp as a result.

My biggest contribution this year was the effort towards putting myself out there in dance, especially in the student choreography night in Semester 2. This was really putting myself out of my comfort zone, but I found that it was a really rewarding experience – and I got to explore more in terms of dance, which will be helpful in my electives next year. Overall, I really enjoyed this experience and was proud of how I performed.

If I was to change anything about my year, I would definitely take more opportunities that were presented to me. For example, I didn’t apply for leadership positions, the Production, or debating – all of which I regretted afterward, and would have been interested in participating in.

My advice for any year 7’s going into year 8 – as much as it is tiring and really common advice, keep yourself organized using a paper diary or even Microsoft To-Do, as the assessments can be really easy to handle if you just stay on top of everything (if you fall behind, it can get really difficult).

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