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Leadership and Teamwork

Teamwork and leadership are highly valuable and significant traits that I was able to continue to develop throughout this camp. These skills are valuable due to the multitude of areas they can be applied to in life, leadership providing a sense of consistency and order, and teamwork helping to develop a sense of unity during the constant changes and innovations that are an unforgettable part of our experience in life. Being able to contribute to either attribute has greatly affected me and has meant that I have established confidence both in working in teams, and leading people within them.

In this camp, teamwork was essential. We were working within the same group, pictured below, for the entire camp – and had a lot of things that needed to be organized and carried between campsites. We had our personal belongings, gear from our smaller cooking groups, sleeping equipment, team gear, and all of our food that needed to be transported. Cooperating and communicating within this team, and smaller teams within it, was imperative to the success of this camp – an example of which was in our cooking groups.

My camp group at the Kalbarri sky-walk.

There was plenty of work to be distributed between us, especially since we were a slightly smaller group than the rest at our campsite. We shared roles by having two members designated to cut the ingredients, and one person on cooking once the ingredients were prepared. This kept us efficient and reliable and meant that every night we ended up with a delicious meal that we had extra time to enjoy. However, despite these roles being in place, this cooking group also taught me what I believe is another key part of teamwork – flexibility. Being able to adapt to the needs and skills of my fellow team members kept us working fluently, as when someone didn’t know how to do a certain job, or someone else was really skilled in a particular area, we easily adjusted roles to cater to this. This improved skills within the realm of teamwork, such as communication and adaptability.

Sleeping groups at Camp Kalbarri.

Another skill that there was ample opportunity to develop on camp was leadership. With so much responsibility and the number of tasks we all had to distribute, some leadership was necessary to keep everyone in order and to make sure the necessary tasks were being completed. One group in which I believe I was given the opportunity to develop the skill of leadership was when determining sleeping arrangements, and setting up tents in smaller groups. I had to take the lead a little when trying to figure out the tent groups, which helped me to understand another part of leadership – which was understanding the needs, and wants of people around me, and trying to provide solutions that best catered to the needs of everyone. This skill of compassion helped me lead the group better as I was able to act and lead with the best interests of everyone in mind, taking in what everyone individually wanted for these groups, and giving everyone a solution that wasn’t necessarily my first choice but suited the needs of as many people as possible. This helped me develop not only leadership, but important qualities of a leader such as empathy, and problem-solving.

Overall, these experiences lead to invaluable and unforgettable skills – not only teamwork, but how to adapt when working in a team; and not only leadership in general, but some important qualities of a leader such as empathy and problem-solving.

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