Online behaviors reflection

The online behaviors assessment that we have been doing throughout this term has taught me just how dangerous the internet can be, but also how we need to be an up stander and do what is right online and offline.

A lot of people forget that when you are online everything that is put online creates a digital footprint, no matter if you delete as soon as you post it, it’s always there. People also seem to forget that just like in the real world, actions have consequences. For some reason people seem to believe that because they have a screen protecting them that they can do and say whatever they want without consequences. In lesson 4 when we went through the activity about the person that posted a video and people were commenting mean things about them, and didn’t think about if that happened to them. Empathy isn’t only a super important skill to have it is also important to know when and how to use. If you are just browsing the internet and you see someone posting mean comments about someone it is your job and responsibility to report and shut those messages down. The video that the 15-year-old girl made was in my opinion very realistic and put into perspective what words can do.

Online I feel that it is much easier for someone to be peer pressured into something or do a silly thing because they think that it is harmless because it is on the internet. A lot of online apps that some people in our year use like tellonym and other anonymous messaging apps are really quite dangerous because people will post mean things on them and expect no consequences. As we have been learning people online do a lot of things when they are protected by a screen. While the internet and social media can have some good uses it can also be a dangerous place. People can pretend to be other people and hurt others and sometimes break friendships.

The school values fit perfectly into this topic because sometimes we just have to stop and think whether or not something is hurtful or if it is showing respect or empathy because sometimes people don’t understand what others are going through and a hurtful comment might make them make a bad decision or do something stupid. People on the internet can be mean and toxic and sometimes the best way to get away from that isn’t to block them or to tell them that they are being mean but just to log off social media for a while and to remember to take time for yourself and for your family.

This topic has taught me more about being aware online and has definitely changed some of my online habits and has made me think about things I have done in the past and consider if I was really thinking when I did something online.


This term in Innovat[Ed] we are working on the global goals. The group I am in is working on goal number 17 – creating partnership for the goals. My group (me, Georgia, Megan and Annika) are creating a video which we hope to publish to the internet. We are contacting celebrities (or influencers) and asking them to put their thoughts on the global goals into a video that we can present to other people in our year and other people in the college to raise awareness about the global goals and make the world a better place.