My Response to the Covid-19 Crisis

2020 in my opinion has been the most unusual time in my lifespan, I never expected a global pandemic to suddenly come out of nowhere and spread globally all over the world, though this tough time was an important for some of us to learn new things.

Personally, I learnt to take hygiene more seriously and to be more aware of my surroundings, though I noticed other people did that same too.

In terms of my family, I learnt that they had become more aware of the corona-virus and continuously reminded me to, for example to wash my hands.

In terms of my community, I learnt that people had become more generous and kind during the crisis generally just changing their behavior, some for good some for bad for example when people would fight over toilet paper and other “necessities” in the shops.

Corona-virus is a tough time, but together we have learnt to get through it and will continue doing so, people have changed their behaviors and habits to adapt to this crisis and though it has caused some casualties we have learnt from those mistakes.