Christmas Market

Our groups company was called Scrunchies & Co and we were selling scrunchies and stickers. We managed to sell out and make $164. Sometimes we’d struggle with the sewing and properly managing our time. However, I think that, overall we did really well.

Health Reflections- Mia

At the beginning of the unit the online platforms I used were Instagram, Tick tock, Stan, Netflix, Pinterest, YouTube, iMessage and face time. I still use these platforms but I’m a lot more conscious of the things I post and how what I say will effect others.

The key thing I learnt from this health unit is what empathy means and how it’s different from sympathy. Sympathy is saying ‘well at least this’ which, although you’re trying to help, doesn’t cheer the person up. Showing empathy doesn’t mean that you always have to understand and respond to what the other persons telling you. It could just mean saying ‘I don’t know how to fix that but I’m always here to talk too’. It means being a good listener. I got this information from the video with the moose and the bear, from the booklet.

In the padlet I talked about how terrible it is that so many young teenagers (specifically girls) commit suicide and that there’s not may things to prevent it. Although there are organisation’s like the kids helpline that do try to prevent these things they still occur way to often. The reason I was thinking about this is because of the video of the girl getting bullied online.

This health unit made me think about how what I say on social media may affect others. For example, if I posted a photo of me and some of my friends another friend who saw the photo might feel left out. It’s important that you always think before you post on social media because it’s up there forever.

Since I was already quite cautious about what I put on social media I don’t think that I’ll change a lot but there are definitely some things I’ll be more aware of. For example, like I already said I’ll think about how what I’m posting will effect others and that it’ll stay online forever.


Innovated [Ed] 2019

Overall, I’m happy with both the results of our Global Goals project but also how Amber, Abbey and I worked productively as a group. We used our time wisely to ensure that we got everything done when it had to be done. We finished on time and also were able to make some additional posters. I feel that I could improve on staying focused throughout the whole lesson. Being a double period I struggled with staying on task the whole time which is something that I will be working on for the future. Even though I wasn’t there the last week of term Abbey and Amber still managed to finish the rest of the project.


In July last year I went on a school trip to Canberra. The trip was a week long and each day we went to many different places. One day we went to a big building called Questacon which is like Scitech but twice the size. My favorite part about that day was going on this vertical slide at Questacon. You had to climb onto this platform and hang onto a bar. Then you let go and rode down. Before I went on I was scared but after I gave it a go I kept going on again and again.

Another highlight of that trip was visiting Parliament house. I learn so much about law and how the court works. We also got to try on some of the wigs from the members of the court.


I’ve been a cheerleader for almost 5 years at TNT All stars. I’ve been in 4 different teams: Atomics, Super Sonics, Flares and I’m currently in Shock Waves. I’m an allstar cheerleader which means we don’t cheer for other sports like footy but we’re a whole other sport. Allstar cheerleading has 4 main aspects: tumbling, stunting, jumps and dance. My favorite part of the sport is probably the stunts because they’re the biggest challenge. Stunting is basically when a group of 3 or more people lift up other members of the team.

We have around 8 or 9 competitions each year and most of them are at HBF stadium. My favorite part about competing is defiantly dance. I love dance because it’s at the end of the routine and it’s just about having fun and celebrating how hard we worked.

About me

I’m Mia and I’m a year 7 student at All Saints College. I’m a competitive cheerleader and have been for nearly 4 years. I love the tumbling and stunts. I also love dance and all the wonderful opportunities All Saints gives me.

Although I’m quite a shy person when it comes to public speaking I love performing and its my favorite thing to do, especially performing at cheer comps. I love spending time with my family and friends (especially my dog) and I love to travel.

Next year I’m hoping I can get a job at either Baskin Robbins or Lush because they hire 14 year-olds and I want to start saving for the future.

The one thing I want people to know about me is that I’m very self sufficient and organised. I manage my time well and try to keep my work up to a high standard.