Leadership and Teamwork – InnovatED

I, along with three other people were assigned the task of recording and editing a video documenting the process of several service learning projects; dubbed ‘innovatED’. These projects ranged anywhere from a scrapbook to building a buggy for various not for profit organisations. Although the members who were taking part in the documentary were personally selected, I was the only one in the group with experience in making videos and with editing programs. As such, I was given the responsibility to lead the project and use my expertise to make sure the documentary that would be presented at the end of the term would go smoothly. I assigned myself with mainly the role of editing the footage into a succinct documentary, as my experience leaned towards that field. My group and I came up with a basic storyboard of how we want to cover each project, interview and the pitches and decided to start recording the footage. It was important to split ourselves to record the footage more efficiently as there were four of us and four projects going on at the same time. This demonstrated the coordination and teamwork that the group needed to have to understand what type of footage was wanted for the documentary and to trust each other to be able to get that footage. When that footage of the first day was recorded I decided to start the editing process, as this would mean that by the next session of InnovatED, I be able to get my fellow group members to criticise and give suggestions about what could be improved in the documentary and would give the time for me to make the changes while my teammates were there. This demonstrated proactiveness on my behalf, as starting the documentary at home would make the entire process of making the documentary much more efficient and make it so that we would be able to fetch footage for the documentary during that time instead of editing as there was no other time during the day where we would be able to record the footage. When our next session was over, our group had decided that we would need to start recording interviews to not only provide and explanation on what is going on in the footage but to also enhance the as-of-current lacking auditory elements that consisted  of bland stand-in background music that would be changed when we found a better song. I had prepared a set of standard questions that would be asked in the interviews before the session so that our group could get to work straight away, after we had done that we had to find a good song that I would be able to sync with video so I could use audio queues to indicate something was happening. This left the final part of the documentary to handle, which was recording and editing the pitches, however this part was the most difficult, due to one of the members of my group having a habit of not putting the footage that he recorded on our shared folder, leaving me nothing from his side to edit. This meant that I had to chase him up on footage that he had either not given me or not recorded entirely. In the InnovatED documentary project, my group and I demonstrated teamwork and leadership in a joint effort to make a documentary that was enjoyable to watch for the entire cohort.

A visit to one of the sites that one of the projects was based in

Dear Year 8 Me

Learning Experience

The best learning experience that I had this year was going to acc badminton, where I was able to play with people who were better than me. I was able to learn how to do different things in badminton that I hadn’t even attempted before, like a lift and aiming smashes, I also got to watch people play badminton and how amazing they were at it, and how far I still had to go. This competition also taught me how to work with partners that were overbearing, as my doubles partner liked to take up more space than normal, I had to adapt and do my job, whether at the front or back, which showed my how to become a better doubles partner and enhance the ability of the person who I was playing with.

What I would Change about this Year

If I could start year 8 again, something that I would do is get better marks and do better in competitions earlier, such as English, as I had a pretty rocky start to English, getting sixties and seventies, which I later improved to get consistent nineties. If I were able to get my marks up sooner, I could’ve been able to apply for advanced placement in English. I could’ve also had a better start to Maths, as my marks were pretty mixed early on, I would get a ninety and then a seventy, I could’ve also done better in the competitions, since I performed poorly in one of them, I got kicked from extension.

Most Enjoyable Experience

The most enjoyable experience that I had this year was playing soccer with my friends, this is because they were always welcoming and I didn’t have to be very good to play, It was also not serious, so we didn’t have to try too hard. This was great for me because it made me better at soccer and got my fitness up, so I’m not completely worthless in any sport that isn’t table tennis or badminton.

Biggest Contribution

The biggest contribution I had in the school was house activities such as debating and quiz where because we were able to work together and get answers, we were able to consistently do well in quiz.

What I Learnt most about myself

What I learned most about myself is that I have horrible study habits, but still manage to get good marks most of the time; I’m talented at procrastinating, which is a strange skill to have. I learned about this skill when I forgot to do an assignment until the last day, and still managed to get 97%, which amazed me, I managed to get an 87% on an essay that I did during recess and that basically confirmed to me that I was surprisingly good at procrastinating, on the other hand, when I schedule assignments and study, I somehow end up with worse than when I procrastinate on the assignment.

Advice for New Year 8s

Some advice that I would give to a Year 8 student now is to stop being so annoying. Nobody likes Year 7s, even the Year 7s don’t like Year 7s, so make sure that you make sure to not be pretentious than think of yourself higher than you actually are; we’re all students and we’re all going to die, so stop thinking that you’re above someone else.