Christmas Market Reflection

During the Christmas Market, I’ve realised, that it has taught me a lot from things ranging from how to make and manage a business, how to advertise, collaboration, and how to solve problems efficiently. This experience has been able to also enhance my skills even further, in areas such as business, through using actual experience … [Read more…]

Health Reflection

In the beginning of this unit, i mainly used platforms were, YouTube. Through these lessons, I have learnt many things ranging from how to use Empathy in my day to day actions, respect in my actions and words and critical thinking to keep me safe from harm. The learning has been mostly useful in real … [Read more…]

Academic Award (WIP)

On the 25th of July 2019, I won an academic award in school. I was overall satisfied with my achievement, however i know i can do better. I would’ve hoped to get a higher percentage in my overall average although it was still a pretty good result. I shall maintain this result by continuing to … [Read more…]


Innovat[ED] is a new subject this year that spans over 2 periods. The purpose of this subject is to provide an environment for students to be able to collaborate and solve problems to improve 10 life skills to prepare us for future problems. Some of these skills are; Problem solving, Communication, creativity, teamwork and more. … [Read more…]

About Me

Hi! I’m Royce and i’m a Year 7 student at All Saints’ College. I would consider myself a very positive and persistent person and I like to finish everything I start. I’m good at most academic subjects such as Math, Science chemistry etc. I’m not very athletic but I do like to play badminton and … [Read more…]

Getting started!

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