I health I have learnt that critical thinking is where you can analyse the possible outcomes of certain actions or judgements like if you have seen something cool on social media and wanted to do it for example jumping off the lower side of a bridge you would find out the possible out-comes with critical thinking. An other example of critical thinking is if you look at a picture that has been edited to look real and you believe it then you can be tricked into having the wrong mind-set or perspective.

Things About Me

My name is Ryan Pieter (peter) Mouton.

I’m twelve.

I went to Ranford Primary School for 7 years.

I’ve grown up with soccer, it has been the only sport that I knew the almost all the rules of other than lacrosse that I like as well.

I’m average at soccer and I played at Ranford junior soccer club in one of the positions that are in the line of defence, but I occasionally play as the goalie.

I also like badminton.