Christmas market (FINISHED)

The year 7 Christmas market, held on the 26th of November, 2019, raised $2000 total, only to be taken by the one and only Salvation army. Our stall, Stupendous Stockings, raised a total of $59 which was also taken by the Salvation army. We sold Christmas pet stockings for $4 and laser-cut ornaments


Christmas Market

The Christmas market was a market held on the 26th of November, 2019. Our stall’s name was “Stupendous Stockings” and we were making Christmas stockings for pets. We made $89 total and $59 profit. We had a few customers come through our stall and ended up with 3 cat stockings. Our stocking price did not change during the market (remaining at $4 the whole time) and we also sold laser-cut ornaments for 50c each which sold heaps.

Online Behavior reflection

Before I did the booklet for term 4, I used Instagram, Snapchat, Google, Google photos, youtube, and imessage. I learned about tragedies worldwide over simple social media disputes and arguments in comment sections. Really bad things happen all over the world daily because of something that someone completely random posted. People on social media aren’t always telling the truth and sometimes lie to gain more interest and to gain more of an audience. People can be stupid and untrustworthy on social media because they are hiding behind a screen. I also learned about empathy and how “at least” doesn’t help and can make things worse than how they started off as. I learned that if you talk behind someone’s back it will always come back. We watched 2 videos in the time that we had in this unit, the first one (these are excluding the “yes project”) was where there were two people that had watched a video where a man had jumped off a bridge and survived, the 2 children realized that the video was fake and tested the jumping distance using a watermelon. The watermelon was smashed and they immediately determined that the jump wasn’t safe and that they would most likely be severely injured or even killed if they tried it. That video shows that not everything on the internet is necessarily true and that people can easily fake videos at the touch of a button. The second video sowed a child with headphones listening to music while the television was on the Abc news and was displaying an important headline, but he didn’t realize it. Then he took the headphones off and saw that it was an important video talking about people in japan being struck by a tsunami. This video shows that people don’t use empathy and don’t realize how bad things are when they are doing something else. I do this often and now I know that things can be harsh in other countries and I am lucky to live here. People always argue and get into disputes when you can easily avoid it by turning it off.¬† What I learned affected how cautious I was on social media and how I assessed situations. I don’t plan to change in the future.

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