Awards and Achievements year 8

I have earn’t several dance and sporting awards so far this year. This year I was awarded with a scholarship for Dance. To receive this scholarship I had to be organised and driven in putting out my best work. This was a good step towards debating whether or not I want to pursue dance as […]

Service and Leadership

This year I was a Service Representative for semester 1, as a service representative I had several responsibilities such as attending meetings every fortnight as well encouraging and informing the senior and junior school about upcoming service events and fundraisers. I really enjoyed being a Service Representative as it helped my teamwork skills as we […]

Awards and Achievements Year 7

I have earned several academic, dance, sporting and language achievements in the past few years. I have received several state Chinese awards including 2nd and 5th in the state for a writing competition in years 3 and 5. I also¬† received first in the state for a Chinese movie making film. For the past two […]

Online Behaviours

I use social media apps such as Instagram, snap chat and tik tok, before this topic I haven’t thought so deeply about the way I use social media and I think that this topic has been extremely helpful on helping me learn about how to deal with these online problems. The key things I have […]

InnovatED week 5

This week in InnovatEd this week my group and I worked on helping a program called Kufunza, Kufunza is a program which helps the children in Africa receive education and healthy foods. Our task was to help the children in Africa receive healthy foods by protecting the crops from the excessive rainfalls which were destroying […]