Innovat[ED] Reflection


Throughout this semester, I have been working with 7 other people to make a video explaining Year 8 InnvoatED, and what other classes been doing in InnovatED this semester.

Some of the values that we have been working on include collaboration and resilience.

Resilience was necessary in the Documentary Team there is no doubt that everyone had challenges this semester in InnovatED. However, we bounced back quite well. Some of the struggles we faced included things like Covid-19. There is no doubt Coronavirus has had a paramount impact on the entire world. However we managed to make up for the time lost by having 4 InnovatEd periods a week for 2 weeks instead of the regular 2. Other challenges we faced included spending too much time on sorting files which didn’t require 2 weeks of sorting, and Premiere Pro was acting up multiple times.

Collaboration was also a key skill that we needed in the Documentary Team. After all, we are a Documentary TEAM. We split into little mini groups that filmed individual groups. These mini groups later dissolved. We conquered and divided sorting footage as well, and ended up sorting hours worth of footage.

In the end we created a great video that showcased the InnovatEd projects and service partners.

2020 so far…


When I first headed into 2020, I never thought that I would end up in the middle of a global pandemic. While adjusting to a completely different life was hard, it also provided me with a chance to reflect and learn.

Personally, I learnt that:
*I realised how much I prefer doing things online- as someone who struggles with social interactions most of the time it’s easier to do things online. I enjoyed connecting to my friends via text but not with calling.
*It is easier for me to be in control of my own time- I liked the task sheet and I could do the work in 20 minutes rather than doing it in an entire period at school.
*While I can be in control of my own time, sometimes I can forget to do certain things if they’re not important to me- I forgot to eat many times in quarantine.

When it came to my family, I learnt that:
*I need space from my brother- usually I ended up shouting at him every day and it got really hard on everyone in the family.
*My dog gets stressed really easily and starts to shiver whenever someone shouts.

In terms of my community, I learnt:
*I am very privileged to be living in an area where Covid-19 has not had a big outbreak and where there is easy access to health services.
*My school is very good at being able to make a transition online compared to others in our area.

While I would not wish for a second wave of Covid-19 in Perth, I do think that everyone learnt a bit from this experience.

Christmas Market


On the 26th of November, Year 7 got to sell their innovations at the Christmas Market. I worked in a team of 4 with Joshua, Senuka, and Louis. We sold laser cut Christmas ornaments and magnets/keyrings.

I learnt many vital skills from this project, like:

  • Sometimes your team may not always agree on things- but you can compromise.
  • Teamwork.
  • How to attract customer’s attention, and what words to use.
  • How to use Adobe Illustrator.

Some challenges we had

  • Our prototypes were too thin and snapped easily- we added some width and also some height in the end to fix this.
  • Some of our ornaments still broke.

Overall this was a fun experience, but if I could do it again I would

  • Make more supply- our products sold out around three quarters into lunch. We were originally going to double our supply but the laser cutter was in high demand so we couldn’t.
  • Hike the prices- one of our magnet keychains sold out in the first half of lunch. We could have hiked the prices of it so it didn’t sell out so quickly and we still made profit.

I hope that an opportunity like this shows up in the future soon! This was a huge success, and we raised around 30 dollars for charity! As a year we raised a whopping two thousand dollars!

Health Term 4 2019


This term in Health, we have covered the following topics:

Empathy– Being able to put yourself in other peoples shoes.

Respect– Being able to accept that your opinion is your own, and other people’s opinions may not be right, but it’s their opinion.

Critical Thinking– Don’t believe everything that you see or hear.

Responsibility– You are responsible for what you post.

These all link back to online behaviours, and online safety.

I am glad that we did this booklet, as I learnt a few things, like:

*Thinking before you post

*That people can stand up for others, and still be rude about it.

*What a bystander is

Overall, it was an excellent experience and I would do it again.


Newspaper Job


Two months ago, I got a job working for the Fremantle Herald. I was originally going to do it myself, but my brother offered to chip in if he got 40 percent of the wage. My brother and I both get usually 16 dollars a month combined for around 4 hours of work. This might seem like child labour but it one of the few ways I can make money.

From an early age my parents taught me to be responsible with my money, and that I had to work for it. I currently have 700 dollars sitting in a bank from primary school. Since last year, I have had to pay for most of my clothes myself. I pay for things like my water bottle and occasionally my lunch using my own money. I also earn 5 dollars a week from walking the dog from my parents. It isn’t much but I can make over 100 dollars a year by doing something I already do.

So I get paid around 2 dollars an hour, but I do the job for the experience as well and so I can keep fit. In under 12 months, I will be old enough for a part time job at Woolworth’s or at a restaurant. I hope that I can get one.


Year 7 Camp


In the last week of Term 3, the whole Year 7 cohort got to go on camp. Overall it was a fun experience. I conquered my fears when it came to rock climbing, and the pamper pole. It seemed scary at first but when I had finished I realized that it was not as scary as I thought.

Some things I learnt from this camp were:

  • How to work in a team
  • How to face your fears
  • Sometimes you just have to get used to change.

If I could do the camp again (and I would!) I would tell myself to be more confident and be less anxious.



Last term in Drama, I did a skit with Charlotte Clinckers about Peppa Pig. This might sound silly at first, but this was a great learning experience about acting, memorizing lines, and improvisation. I played the role of Ms Sheep, and more importantly, Suzy Sheep who knows how to whistle. This taught me valuable teamwork skills.

Some challenges we had were:

Comedic timing- where do we place the jokes in the script without making it too cheesy? We spread apart the jokes and chose our best ones.

Switiching characters on stage- Charlotte and I played two people each, which made it difficult for us to switch characters on stage. We tacked this problem with distinctive props and wigs.


But at the end of the day, it was quite fun to perform!

The Predator


One of my assignments this year has been an English piece called the predator. We had to write a piece of work about a predator, and it’s prey in action. I did 4 drafts before deciding on a final one.

This assignment taught me better organisation skills. I’m quite accustomed to doing things the day that they are due, but I forced myself to be better this time around. You can take a look at the final pieceĀ here.



Throughout this year, every Tuesday afternoon, we have InnovatED. This gives us hands on experience with creating rather than learning from our textbook. It is two hours of fun.

This term, my friends and me are part of the Documentary Team for InnovatED. This means we go around the school filming people doing their work. It is fun to see others create ideas that help others. My part in the team was going around and filming people.

At the end, we produced a short documentary of around 2 minutes.