Cleaning up Our Oceans

Next week I, along with part of the year 7 cohort, will be going on an excursion to Thomas Middleton Park Brentwood. We are going to be participating in an ocean clean-up, as a way to help save our world. We having been looking at the UN Global Goals this term, and ways we can contribute to make the rest of the world aware of these goals, and provide ways they can help us to achieve these goals.


In 2019 I took part in a whole year course titled Innovat[ED]. Innovat[ED] is a practice that helps guide young children to become future or present entrepreneurs. From this course I learnt important skills such as; leadership, communication, creativity, self-management & problem solving. One power I have been interested in is resilience. This is the power that enables you to keep going when attempting something challenging. When doing the ozobot activity, resilience was used to make sure I kept calm so I could continue to find a solution to the problem I was faced with, which was programming my ozobot to complete certain tasks.