Christmas Market reflection

Innovation & Enterprise

In the Christmas market we sold recipe calendar’s. We targeted them at people how liked cooking but instead we attracted impulsive buyers and teachers. We made a profit of 42ish dollars. We ended up selling approximately 17 calendars. We sold the calendars for 5 dollars but changed it eventually to 3 dollars. we were positioned at the back of the common so not a lot of people came to us. We didn’t bring a money box so we had to make our own out of envelopes. Our stall wasn’t very interesting to look at so we might have lost some potential buyers. We had no competition (other people selling recipe calendars) So we sold one calendar every person who was interested.

Eportfiolo Reflection


I use Youtube, Google, Onenote and Outlook almost every day. Google, Onenote and Outlook are all for school purposes expect on the weekends.

I learnt how impactful words and images can be to people online and how you can change what you say by thinking about it. In my Padlet comment I mentioned that social media has such an effect on our everyday lives. I mentioned this because we do not know much better then to go onto social media or technology when we are bored. This means we are more prone to the bad comments that people say because we spend more time on social media then we ever have before. This was very interesting as I thought that people would not listen to the bad comments and turn off the social media platform.

I also learned that some people will jump off bridges based on what they saw from a video on the internet. I also mentioned in my padlet I also found the influence of social media had on people. This was displayed in the video where the person was going to jump off the bridge but thought about it then did a test with a watermelon and didn’t do it. This shows what people will do to look cool after they see a video. This also displays critical thinking. This is described in Lesson 2.

I do not do a lot of social media activity by interacting with other people by chat but I will take what I say into deeper consideration before I post what I do. I do plan to change my online activity but because I do not interact with other people online I will increase my behavior standards.

My future goal on social media will be to create a group online that shows and tells the dangers of online and the effects it has on people. This goal will help me in the future as more people will become social media aware and therefore less people will be bullied online. It has the potential to help me in the future in case I am bullied online.


Community Service, Projects

If you do not know what quartz is it is a roughly transparent rock. I have a great interest with Quartz and it is my favorite variety of rock. Quartz is interesting because it is abundant and comes in a variety of colours (in some rare cases rainbow). Quartz is relatively hard and can come in crystals. rose quartz left normal quartz center and smoky quartz right. I have plans to sell polished quartz at the Pasar Malam.



General, Innovation & Enterprise

A few weeks ago on the school holidays we got a Welsh plush coat (furry) Pembroke (short snout) Corgi. for those of you who happen to not know the cutest dog in the universe, there are pictures below and to the right. Nutmeg is her name and she eats and chews almost everything. She is very cute, mischievous, nippy and naughty. Her fluffy coat is a result of a common genetic mutation that makes the fur grow longer. Nutmeg is very skinny under her coat and can run at speeds that people win 100m races with. She is the very playful and will become so fluffy you could make another corgi with her fluff. she likes socks and therefore we think she has no sense of smell. Nutmeg is the cutest dog you will see.                                                                          


Innovation & Enterprise, Music, Projects

I play a musical instrument called the flute. this instrument (shown below) belongs to the wood wind family. I have just past Grade 1 and I am now entering Grade 2 (certificate shown below). I play and complete my exams at AMEB (Australian Music Examination Board). I past with a B+ and I have started to do some grade two pieces. The flute is a mildly tricky instrument as you have to control you breath and hold the right keys. you blow on the mouth piece (show at the bottom) and you connect that with the body which is connected with the foot. This instrument sounds beautiful when played properly.

My notes on modeling


In my many hours of making models I have a few tips and tricks that I have learnt. My first being start easy and then get a bit more complicated. If you do this then you will learn how to do a specific model and this makes the complicated model easier as you will have a little bit more experience in models. If you do decide to make models make sure you have the right tools and parts before you start as this will allow you to continuously build your model without having to try to find a specific part. One more tip would be to label all the parts as I have learned so you don’t have to try to find a part that ins’t right. some models do come with these labels and I usually consider buying these other more complicated models as they are simpler and don’t require much work.

I have created my unfinished product that I have learned lots from. I have attempted to merge a wind turbine into a windmill structure. the base is made from clay. The supports are made from straws that are reinforced with steel wire and in some places skewers. the blades are made from cardboard that is connected to a central hub by skewers. in the second image you can see I have tried to incorporate into my design. the central hub is connected to the drive shaft which is connected to a electric motor which will generate electricity when turned. this was a complete failure as the turbine was to heavy for the loose connection of the drive shaft. this means that the bottom blades hit the base structure if they are two close to it. the turbine itself is two heavy and the wind cannot turn it. this is not one of my best models and as Edison said while inventing the light bulb “I have not failedI’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” I have never done this much versions of this model but like Edison I have not failed I’ve found one way that doesn’t work. I took away many experiments and successes from this model that I might use on my other models.

Innovated term 3/4

Innovation & Enterprise, Projects


Innovation & Enterprise, Projects

In InnovatED for 2019, term 3, I have chosen to do the emissions goal. I am going to create a vertical wind turbine with a clay base a steel wire reinforce straw supports. I am using a DC motor which is geared to a large cardboard fan (maybe a different material later) which will hopefully generate enough electricity to power a LED in a small cardboard house. the finished product is hopefully no bigger than 1 meter tall and 1 meter wide. The structure will probably survive high winds.


I had created the frame work and it turns out that the wire was more flimsy then I thought. I might add more wire to strengthen the structure but the main thing that will be damaged is the wind turbine on the top. I might also strengthen the structure with a cardboard tube. I will create the wind turbine blades with thin but strong cardboard and gear it to the motor which has a wire running down it to the clay base I have prepared. The turbine in theory on a windy day might generate enough electricity to power a LED. I used creativity to create the structure and attempt to strengthen it. I used problem solving to also try to strengthen it.