• Times I Failed
    Growth Fixed I was playing a gaints a team in basketball. They were terrible in both ways, verbally and physically. it was half time and out team was winning by so many points and I heard this from the othercoach “DROP THEM TOO THE GROUND”. I thought it was a comment to put us off
  • Imported A Tech Podcast
    In this channel we talk about for further inquires please visit imported.questions@gmail.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeVdQP8kJNeMlZUci6p1K-A
  • Christmas Market
    WHAT IS THE CHRISTMAS MARKET? This project started with fun game of skeleton islands. skeleton islands is a fun marketing game where we have 100 dollars i our wallet, we had to spend this money wisely on products that were essential. the essential items where, water for every day, insect repellent and a finnsing rod.
  • Project Utopia Reflection
    Spreading over three terms, the project Utopia task was worked on during HASS, Science, English and InnovatED classes. The focus of this project was to gain an insight to the importance of sustainability, liveability, and understanding how a constitution works to create a perfect society known as – Utopia. The project commenced by reading and
  • Live Stream Team
    You can embed YouTube videos on the page: Below is a file download object and a button that can be used to link to a different page or site You can easily create image galleries: This is a quote block – Mr Port You can embed social media posts: