Camp Kalbarri: Leadership & Traits

On my Year 9 school camp in 2020 we went to Kalbarri. We were posed to complete challenges such as carrying everything with you and going on physically demanding walks. On our first official day at Kalbarri we went into the gorge to do exploring for the entire day. Me being put in charge of the leadership role, I demonstrated good qualities that leaders should have. For example, I knew when to pull myself out of a situation to let my group figure problems out, this allowed them to expand and learn new things off one another rather than me doing all the work and them just following. This was when we had to make a path to get to a swim spot, I pointed them in the general direction and let other people lead the pack. When there was a bit that they did not know which way to go, I made suggestions based on what does the terrain look like, is it easy to walk and is it dangerous. Another example of leadership was encouraging everyone throughout the entire trip. On our hikes, especially the one to ‘Four Ways’ where we would camp, one of our members couldn’t carry his pack so me and another boy carried it for him for most of the way. There were many a time when people did not like walking because it hurt their legs, or they were bored. I gathered a few people together who were mentally stronger and ask them to help make the walk fun and distract them from their legs hurting. I used my abilities such as my voice to get my message across to many of them such as ‘Keep going we are almost there, I can see water’ or ‘The sooner we get there the longer we can rest’. These sayings inspired people to keep trekking onwards for multiple hours. Finally, the last leadership trait I presented was to sacrifice some of my food, water and other items so that other people could enjoy their camp more and so they would have a good experience. At dinner time I would let my cooking group eat as much as they wanted before I had something to eat because I knew that they were hungry. To demonstrate these attributes as a leader you have to be mentally strong and have the will to spur others on so that they can complete the task. A known fact is that when your mind says you cannot physically do something anymore, you are only 40% of your body’s full potential. It is about training yourself to push and push and to find ways to solve your problems and to not make fun of people because they can not do something as good as you. Instead you must pick these people up and bring them to your level so that they can learn and grow into a leader than demonstrates good qualities for everyone to follow.


Over this term we visited Nulsen at their village. We got to saw how they lived and what problem they needed our help to solve. We came up with solutions to made a electronic blog for each of the residents instead of having a book. This book contained all their activities and they barely got opened. With this new idea, it is designed for people to be kept up to date with their lives. It is sort of a Instagram/ blog app they can use. It has yet to be developed but the idea is still there waiting to come to life.