Forced Perspective photography

For this photography task, we took pictures where someone was far from the camera, and someone was close, to try to make it look like someone is holding a tiny person. What has worked/you like & what could be improved or changed? I think in most of the photos the background was a bit distracting, and the tennis court has lots of random lines which can be a bit confusing in the photo. However, I do think we managed to get some pretty good photos in the end.

Light Graffiti

The best photo I took was the one with the focus on Alyssa’s eye and the flame beside her face. We moved a lighter in a circular motion near her face and it gave off this cool fire pattern. I think there are two photos we could have done better. The first one is our vampire recreation photo, as you can see it was meant to look as if her soul or spirit was leaving her body, but I think we made her spirit a bit too transparent and the light running around her is a bit random and uneven. The second one we tried to do a light outline around Alyssa, but we didn’t shine enough light on her, so you can’t really see her. Overall I am pretty happy with the photos we took.