Hass progress update 1

As part of our year 10 HASS assessment, we are tasked with creating a project of our choice and to present it in the final exhibition, on the 11th of November. The topic we have chosen is Civics and Citizenship, specifically looking at a particular Cold Case. This Case looks at the disappearance and murder of a family. So far this week, my group, Aleesha and I have started planning what our project might look like ( as seen below), as well as researching and annotating our references. We plan on using the capabilities Collaboration, Organisation and Creativity. We need collaboration as we are working as a team, organisation to help us finish our project on time, and creativity to create a unique project. As seen below we have created a rough timeline of what we plan to do in the following weeks. We hope to start creating our project in week 2, and only be adding final touches in week 5. As we are still in the early stages of planning this task, the timeline may change as we progress further along. Our plan for continuing this project in term 4 includes gathering more research and actually creating the project.

Task 7 (english)


In English, we were assigned task 6 which required groups to visually represent, in a play, an issue or problem in society. My group investigated the issue of sexism in workplaces, particularly those that are male-dominated.

The outline of the play was that a woman was hired reluctantly, however, a series of events saw her prove her value and knowledge, eventually leading her to be promoted to a position of authority. Upon finding out that we had to perform a drama play in front of the class, I was quite nervous and reluctant to do it, however, I used my resilience to get me through. In the past, I have not been very confident with public speaking, and the idea of having to perform a play in front of the class had me feeling anxious.

My group and I had rehearsed the play many times, so were confident with our performance. It helped mentally that we knew we were prepared. Rehearsing the play also made me, and my group, use resilience as practicing the play brought its own challenges. It would have been easy to give up and leave it to the day, as performing was something I was not very confident with. By pushing myself to rehearse the play and be resilient along the way, it really helped our final performance.

 As seen below, these were the props we used. When we were midway through the performance, an issue occurred, our prop kept falling and no matter how many times I picked it up, it just fell again. The class started to realize, and it was quite embarrassing, this hadn’t happened in our rehearsals. This previously would have caused me stress, however, I used resilience to get me through it. Resilience is quite an important skill that can help a person bounce back after something disappointing happens; something that is built over time. This experience has given me confidence that I have the ability to overcome challenging situations using my resilience.