InnovatED Salvation Army Pitch

The Story:

This past term, a team, including Jason, Mia, myself and others, had been given the task by a volunteer organisation, the Salvation Army. They asked us to help them solve a problem. The problem was that they had a short of particular items and sometimes too much of an item. They wanted to make sure they were only getting the items they wanted so they asked us to make a an app or website for all the schools they were partnered with. This way they could send alerts on the app or website and one of the schools would be able to give them the particular items. We all got  into to small groups and started designing ideas for the website and thinking how we are going lay out the pages. We then decided it would be best to all merge into one big group from there we made an amazing website, were you were able to post if you could deliver an item to the organisation. From there we prepared a power point and made scripts and practiced pitching to the head of school partners of the Salvation Army. Soon we pitched  and shared our ideas and showed our power point. He saw a future for our idea and was very happy with the end result, this was news to our ears! The best part was that we got to help people who need it, struggling on the streets, and help make a difference!