The water cycle – Global goal 6

Describe three ways in which Humans have a negative impact on the water cycle.

Dams because humans capture the water flow and that impacts the watercycle. Dams don’t let water runoff or infiltrate which is a big problem.

Tiny particles from pollution stop the heat getting to the ocean, with out the heat the ocean can’t send water vapor to the sky to make clouds that means the water cycle has slowed down in some areas.

Urban growth is another big problem if humanity keeps destroying natural land and water, we can lose streams and rivers impacting the water cycle in a bad way.

Describe what is meant with ‘Greywater recycling’.

Grey water recycling is using water from various objects and repurposing the water for something else like using water from the kitchen and repurposing it for the garden.

How would you use Greywater recycling in designing a more sustainable world/city in your Project Utopia?

Reuse of water is good because it is sustainable because it is reusing and it is a infinite loop just like the water cycle.


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