About Me

A little About me:

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” – Jimmy Dean

I believe that there is always a way to achieve personal goals, you just have to persevere and use your skills to the maximin. My capabilities include leadership and self-awareness.

I am Cerys Webb and I am in the class of 2025 at All Saints College. I participate in the netball team at ASC where I practise not only my skills at netball but teamwork and leadership because to play you need to trust others and take the lead if no one else is. I also use my leadership skills in cooking, my health and my pets. My other capability is self-aware, I am self-aware when it comes to group work and individual work, as I use the skills, I know I’m good to use and take a step back with the skills I’m not so good. On the weekend you can catch me working on myself at home or hanging out with my friends at parks. A few of my favourite projects that I have worked on in my high school experience is Project Utopia and Pool designing project. The Project Utopia task was to create a environment that included the global goals. I enjoyed this project because I got to work in a group and use my creativeness whilst learning about the global problems in todays society. I also liked my Pool Designing Project as I got to take the leadership with the task as I was the only member and I got to see what another side of careers that I have not considered. I am exited for the future for me at All Saints College and the community.

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