Kalbarri Camp Year 9

Camp Kalbarri

Teamwork and Leadership

Throughout the year 9 camp teamwork and leadership were two of the main skills everyone needed, but not just in camp but in general life as well.

Teamwork is a skill if everyone has it everything can come together smoothly and efficiently. Teamwork was used a lot around camp. For example, just doing normal activities like putting up tents used teamwork. If everyone used that skill and helped but the tent up as a team the tent was very easy and quick to put up. You had to communicate and help each other out when needed. Another example is doing team-building activity with Mrs Kirkham. It was called tarp volleyball, instead of using the hand, you needed to catch the ball with the tarp and try and fling it to the side of the opposition. Together as a team, we needed to work and communicate to be able to win because you definitely couldn’t win if it was a one-man game. My group worked together very well and it was a very close game.

Leadership is an amazing skill to have. You can go a long way with leadership. it can bring people to be more confident and also can help get things done successfully. Hiking in the gorge is a good example of leadership. Teachers would let the students lead the group to the area we need to go. The leader brought us along the track and we would get to our destination. We would put the person that had an injury in front to set the pace instead of leaving them far behind. Not only having leadership during physical activities there is leadership in simple everyday life. For example, organising the group to start cooking or taking to the role of cutting a certain food for that time of day. Being the person to lead the group and push them to be efficient, it gets the job done fast and in a satisfactory way.

First Bus Stop (on the way to camp Kalbarri)

2020 Year 9 Camp was also a great camp to make new relationships with new people and just getting to know new people. Even with the people you are close with camp is an event that you can make amazing long lasting memories with.