Outdoor Ed – Muir 2021

Muir is an Outdoor Ed elective that I chose in 2021 which includes:

  • snorkelling
  • archery
  • orienteering


Snorkelling in Rottnest

Snorkelling is one of the activities that we did in Muir.

It includes snorkelling in the ASC pool, Coogee Omeo Ship Wreck, and Rottnest.

Omeo Shipwreck Dive Trail, Coogee Beach - Buggybuddys guide to Perth
Omeo Shipwreck


While snorkelling in muir I believe I was organised. I was organised by having all my stuff ready for snorkelling like having a towel, fins and snorkel etc. Being organised helped me go through out the day nicely and smoothly.

Effective communication

During snorkelling we had to use effective communication because communication is key to keeping safe and keeping others safe etc. Ways myself and others effectively communicated was using the hand signs e.g. are you ok?


Problem Solving

Problem solving in archery was a big value because at the start of archery everyone was rusty whether or not people had don’t it before in their life. missing the target or not getting the result you wanted at the beginning, problem solving was and aspect that you need to do and use to achieve the result you want. At the beginning my arrows would stay on the outer line (white) and I used problem solving to improve my result and getting my arrows in the red or better.



In orienteering teamwork and collaboration is a capability that needs to be used effectively because without it the team can’t work as well as it can with teamwork/collaborative. Through out orienteering my team would always communicate which made orienteering more fun and easy. In my group we would all help together to find the point and work together to get to the area too.

Orienteering in Manning Park


Sometimes in orienteering it is hard to find or get to the point you need to get. Resilience is massive because you have to keep going with your actions in order to get to the place you want to get to. In your team you need to be resilient to find the point until you find it or you believe its not there.