Capability Development

Effective Communication is a capability that I believe I have developed. This capability has been developed and used throughout my year in 2021 and in the subject called Muir.

Snorkelling In Rottnest

Muir is a subject that I did in semester 1 that helped bring forward my effective communication and I felt that I used the capability a lot during the unit especially in the excursion. The excursion was a trip to Rottnest for the day. During the excursion communication was very important because it was an aspect everyone needed to use to make sure yourself and others around you were safe. Example: Using effective communication to be safe in the water so nobody gets lost.

There are many ways I developed effective communication in my outdoor education unit. Effective communication became a capability over time, and I developed it better and stronger the more I used it. An example of a time where I needed to use my communication capability was in the ocean snorkelling. During the swim we needed to stay in partners and make sure you communicated with them well to ensure we were both safe but still having fun, by me checking in with my partner and talking to them helped a lot with developing my communication skill effectively. Not only did I use and evolve my skill whilst being in the water I used my communication very well on land. Talking to my peers and always making sure that they are ok and having fun was a major part in making sure I can communicate well with my friends. The whole experience of this unit (Muir) assisted me with assuring my capability was used thoroughly and carefully throughout the subject.

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