Charlotte Lim – About Me

My name is Charlotte Lim. I went to Shelley Primary School until year 5 then I moved to All Saints’ College for better opportunities. I was born in November and I am 16 years old and now in year 11. I have a Indonesian and Malaysian nationality but I was born in Perth, Western Australia.

My passions are mainly sport, I play netball and basketball and I have many achievements in netball and basketball. I also have coached an under 10s boys basketball team.

My Friends and I at the Perth Zoo for the Day

My main values consists of trust, loyalty, encouragement and kindness. There are more values that I believe are important for life but these are my top 4 values, with these values or any in general everyone can be treated fairly and well because everyone deserves to have a life with good values. I also believe that everyone makes mistakes but everyone can learn from them.

I cherish my relationships with my family and friends. Those relationships mean everything to me and I support and encourage all of my friends and families choices. I have 2 dogs, Lilou and Missy. I find that I am very close with my family and friends and I enjoy all their company.

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