Relevant Learning Experiences

Work History

Fernwood Fitness – Cannington | Casual Worker

Skills that I use during this job:

  1. Social Engagement, kids and parents
  2. Organisation, documents and keeping the room clean and safe
  3. Communication, the children and parents, especially if any questions are asked
  4. Awareness, the job I needed to be aware of everything around me especially being aware of the children’s safety and health

I work in Fernwood Fitness as a crèche staff member. This job helps me with many skills for day to day life, which includes social skills, looking after children and cleaning. The job has given me learning experience that I can take with me to my future jobs and just everyday life.

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JM Burgers – Willagee | Casual Worker

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Skills that I use during this job:

  1. Organisation, keeping the front of the house nice and ready for customers and keeping a the orders etc. organised
  2. Communication, talking to the chef and other staff members is a must otherwise there could mis communications which isn’t good for the business
  3. Teamwork, working together with your co workers if good because everything becomes for efficient and easier for everyone
  4. Multi Tasking, being able to balance multiple things at a time can make the production of food etc. a lot faster and if done well easier as well

My main job currently is JM Burgers and I work in the front of the house. I take orders, get orders ready for pick up and make American style milkshakes etc. The job helps me expand my learning experiences and they skills stay with me throughout my future. This job is very enjoyable and with every shift I have a learn more and more.

School Experiences

Literacy mentors

At school during some lessons during English we do literacy mentors. Literacy Mentors consists of helping younger children with problems and difficulties with literacy like reading. During the period we help the kids read books that they present to us that are to their level of education. This opportunity helps me develop skills and learning experiences throughout my life and it can help me with opportunities in the future.

Class mates and I in Literacy Mentors

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