Finding Your Way Around the Learning Portfolio

Get to know the layout of the learning portfolio.

You may personalise theme by changing the site title, the tagline and the background color. You may also add a background image to the page and an image logo to the title bar.

Personalize Tetris via the Appearance Tab of the Dashboard

This is what the homepage of a new learning portfolio looks like.

  1. The Site Title is where you put your name. It is also a link to the homepage of your learning portfolio.
  2. The Menu Items are critical for you and others to easily navigate the contents of your portfolio. The menu items are categories, starting with:
    • Community Service
    • Innovation & Enterprise
    • Projects
    • Teamwork & Leadership
  3. The Tagline lets the visitor know what kind of web site this is.
  4. Your Recent Posts will appear in this section with the most recent post in the upper left. You can set the maximum number of post to appear via Settings>Readings in the Dashboard. The default number is 10.