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Welcome to the family, fellow humans of mine.

  • $20Boss Semester 1 – Tree Of Knowledge
  • Horrible Histories Style Video
    In Humanities, we were tasked to make a Horrible Histories-style video featuring one of the historical events we had studied. Emily, Nicole and myself chose the topic of Tournaments and Fairs. We wrote out a script, recorded voiceovers, and animated the visuals on FlipaClip to appeal as entertaining and engaging.
  • Christmas Market 2020 – Design and Ideate
    The Year 7 Christmas Market this year was a project of many opportunities for me. For starters, it was a rather short task compared to others we’ve done, such as the History Mystery and Project Utopia. With time limitations, we were challenged to make an innovative and creative product for sale at the lunchtime market […]
  • Project Utopia
    Project Utopia spanned across Terms 2 and 3, harnessing many different subjects and demanding a variety of skills. The overall goal was to create a perfect world that everyone would want to have a part in. Before any of the practical work, however, we were introduced in Term 2 to the concept of utopian and […]
  • Lux in Tenebris
    ‘Because I want to. Because I have to. There’s something here for me; I can just feel it somehow. Love. Everything life has thrown at me, and how far I’ve come. I was a freak, and still I remain. But I do want to live. I do have a purpose, walking here on the Earth. […]