Dylan Sikorski

Student ePortfolio

  • Engineering Challenge: Earthquake-resistant buildings
    Project overview: For our final assessment in Science this year we were put into groups and instructed to design and construct an earthquake-proof tower made entirely out of spaghetti and bluetack. Our tower also had to meet the following set of criteria: Is quick and easy to assemble Has a minimum height of 60cm Has […]
  • Global Goals and Innovation through STEM
    Introduction to the course Global Goals is a class that teaches students how STEM can be used to foster innovation and develop their capabilities. Students will then use these newly learnt skills to contribute to 1 of the United Nations sustainable development goals. I chose to enrol in this elective because I am passionate about […]
  • Semester 1 Year 8 Aquaponics
    For Semester 1 we worked with the school to create an aquaponics area at All Saints College. Our goal was to revive the dead area that we were given and to turn it into a flourishing part of our community that produced fresh produce for the members of our community to enjoy. Aquaponics is a […]
  • Fixed & Growth Mindset
    My Fixed Mindset: My fixed mindset is Art, specifically paintings. I always hated going to art museums because I felt like the artists didn’t put much effort into the paintings and just painted random shapes and called it art and then sold it for like 2 million dollars. I don’t blame them tho if I […]
  • Christmas Market Reflection
    Our last project for Year 7 was our Christmas Market, this project combined HASS, English & Innovated. For this project we had to make a product with a thirty dollar loan from the school and then sell that product to the rest of the school. All the profit made from this market would be donated […]
  • Project: Utopia
    In the second semester of Year 7, we were tasked with building a fictional Utopian society as our main HASS assignment. Before it even began, a lot of the work we were doing in other subjects was leading up to this, particularly the novel study we completed in Term 2 on The Giver by Lois […]