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InnovativED Jewellery

In the Jewellery Innovate Ed class, we created jewellery to donate to young children in hospitals. It was a really joyful and positive experience. We sadly could not do this as hospital requirements are very strict and recycled jewellery is… Continue Reading →

Letter to Ben Morton -Member of parliament for the Tagney region.

All Saints’ College Ewing Avenue Bull creek WA 6149 12th of May 2022 Ben Morton  6 Aveley St, Willetton WA 6155 Mr Ben Morton, I am Writing to inform you about a proposal I would like to make. I feel… Continue Reading →

-Role models & Me –

———————————————————————————————————————————- ~This is my house of values~ Trust Trust is important to me because I believe that you need to trust someone to gain trust back. I also believe that trust is the building block to a relationship because everything… Continue Reading →

Brutalist Architecture -Project X-

During this project, we had to create a mould out of pinkysil. the mould was made to the shape of our lego sculptures. We then sliced the sides of the mould. We created a mixture of grey cement as we… Continue Reading →

cupcake soaps🧁

In InnovatEd we are doing a topic called stop the spread. My group has created a solution to teach little children how to wash their hand and we though that if we put a small toy in a cool shaped… Continue Reading →

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