Hello, my Name is Ebonnie I am very Proud of my achievements in 2021. I worked hard to do my best and dedicated myself to all learning areas. I didn’t worry about comparing myself to others because I knew I can only do my best and that’s all I can ask for. When I had this mindset I knew if I got bad results back that I would just have to reflect on where I went wrong and implement and way to fix that for the next test. This process really helped me to succeed in 2021 and I choose to implement this strategy in the whole of 2022.

Achievements In 2021

– Semester 2 Merit Award in Powerful Thinking – Humanities
– Semester 2 Merit Award in Spirited Agency – Health
– Semester 2 Merit Award in Spirited Agency – Music
– Semester 2 Merit Award in Spirited Agency – Project X
– Semester 2 Merit Award in Spirited Agency – Textiles

  • I was class representative for semester two of 2021
  • I was chosen to be a class representative all year for 2022
  • I got the grant the music grant for 2022

But the achivment I am most proud of was the Year 7 All Saints’ College medal 2021.

The reason why I am proud of this achievement is because It is chosen by the teachers. They have been looking for one person in the year group that works with effort and application in a variety of learning areas and is a good role model for their peers. I am very proud of this because I have worked hard and it goes to show that hard work and being yourself is recognized and appreciated. This also encourages me to do my best in the years to come.