Hi, my name is Ebonnie Knight. I am a student All Saints’ College and I am currently in Year 9. I have improved greatly in my learning since being at the College and I am very proud of my achievements. I strive to be the best version of myself and live my life to the fullest.

come join my journey throughout the next 3 years of EDUCATION @ all saints

Dreams & Aspirations

  • I would love to have the opportunity when I grow up to have a job that allows me to pursue my love of music and dance.
  • When I’m older I want to open a dog rescue to save dogs from being put down. Instead, the dogs will be cared for and the community will help fund the dog’s survival until they are adopted.
  • The career that I aspire most to strive towards is being a pilot. I want to travel the world and always be moving around. 🗺✈

Passions and Interests

Singing – I started singing in Year 3. Since then I have only improved. I had a performance on the 27th of October 2021 and it was definitely my third time lucky as in my previous performances I couldn’t keep it together. I was still persistent as I knew I could do it because I nailed the notes in my lessons. It is always important to keep trying and be resilient. Here is a snip from the recital. It’s not the best but I am proud as I held myself together and got through the song.

Since this performance I have had many new experiences and singing has only become a larger part of my life. Recently I have had the opportunity to sing a the government house ball room. To find out more about my singing click the about me button and find the My singing section.

Dance– I love to dance I feel that it is a way for me to let go of everything and just be me. I do hip-hop and would love to learn another type of dance maybe even jazz to help with my dream of musical theatre. I dance at TDC and have been dancing now for 5 years. I feel I have really grown in my dance, I love it.

Important Qualities

Personally, I feel It is important to be self-aware be aware of yourself both inside and out. This is important because if one thing is not going right and you are not prepared that can be tough. But it helps if you have a way or people you can go to, to help you in that situation. Sometimes I like to reflect on myself when something goes wrong it helps me clear my mind so I can get on with my day. This way I am not bottling it up so that my emotions get too much. As I am still young and want to be happy.

Organisation is a helpful skill to have in life. I love being organised and on top of things I don’t leave things to the last minute and if I can I will get it done as efficiently as possible. Then I have a clear mind and can conquer the next task that I need to.

Being resilient will help you in any situation. Life is not fair and you have to be prepared for all the challenges it puts in front of you. There is no exact way of being resilient but as long as you are prepared to do your best and try until you succeed you will be resistant. Although you may get sad sometimes that is ok and we are human beings and do get upset sometimes. As long as you be the best that you can be.