InnovatED Sustainable Food Chicken Group

This this term we could chose which InnovatED group we wanted to be in, I was given the opportunity to be in Sustainable Food – The Chicken group which focuses on helping and improving the chicken shed and the environment around them.

The group I was in had to was cleaning up and organising the chicken shed to make it a clean environment that could be used by all individuals, for the past 6 weeks we researched and organized the chicken shed for the InnovatED show case. We developed out design thinking skills with the help of scrum along with improving our capabilities. Problem solving was a big one for our group since keeping the chicken shed clean each week was a problem because the people who were taking care of the chickens didn’t realise that they needed to put the stuff back from where they were.

The chicken shed was found in this state after a week, so our group came to the conclusion of making laminated sign with the phrase ‘Put back all equipment in the original places found inside the chicken shed’ and after a week when we finally checked on it, the shed was almost exactly how it was before with just some little misplacements.

Overall this project was a fun experience, and I learned a lot of things from this along with making some new connections and improving my leadership skills.

Project Utopia Reflection

Image made by Paula Krause

What Is Project Utopia?
Project Utopia started when we read the book The Giver which introduced us to the idea of a ‘Utopia’. Then, we had to go through multiple steps to make our own utopia, first was the sustainable house, next the liveability factors, the individual utopias, UN Global Goals, English presentation, The Constitution and after all of that we had to present our final works in a Utopia show case.

Geographical Concepts
Our group first thought of where we were going to place our utopia, so we decided to place it just below Norway. The cold weather up there is a lot more deal able than hot weather because hot weather needs more air conditioning which wastes energy but or cold weather, all you need is insulation or just layers of clothing. Our group also decided that the population of our utopia was going to be around 2500-3000 people.

How our group tried to be sustainable in our utopia was to have solar panels on every single house and only having public transports or bikes. We also added this feature in our utopia that converts human waste or organic scraps into biomethane with can then be used to power houses and public transport. Our utopia is also run on all renewable energy, with solar, hydro and wind energy.

UN Global Goals
The Global Goals are 17 goals designed to be a plan to achieve a better and more sustainable future for the world. And for InnovatED we could pick which global goals we liked and get accreditation for it but, we needed to define it. Show how we are addressing the global goals in our utopia and show how it will impact our community. Our group picked six goals to try to get accredited for, Climate Action (13), Good Health & Wellbeing (3), Gender Equality (5), No Poverty (1), Life on Land (15) and Life Below Water (14). We all wanted to get a lot of accreditations, so we set time aside to focus on researching about the goals and putting a paragraph to explain it.

Then we had to make a model. Our group decided to use Co-spaces instead of a real-life model because it saved time and materials to complete, and we also had the opportunity to code things in our model and make it look like our utopia was sort of alive. The downside was that we could not show everything, only little chunks of our utopia.

In HASS, we had to decide what sort of government our utopia would be and write our constitution. Our group all wanted to have a Constitutional Monarchy because it was what Australia had and it seems to be a great system, also having the Queen as the figurehead gives our utopia an extra sense of power but also someone to look up too. We also considered doing a Federal Government, but we liked the idea of having a Monarchy.

Public Speaking
Having to speak in front of the entire class and to different people at the showcase was nerve-racking, since I’m not good with speaking to other people or speaking to a lot of people but since our group, was prepared everything went smoothly.

We were very organized and managed our time well, so we completed everything on time. We struggled to divide the work between ourselves, with one person doing the majority and someone else not doing much but, I think we could have fixed the problem by giving each person an assigned task they needed to complete without having the other group members, help them a lot.

One of the things I struggled at was finishing and writing, the constitution, because I made myself think that it, was harder than it was supposed to be but after looking at the previous classes constitution I got the hang of it and finished what I was supposed to do.

I enjoyed getting the accreditation a lot, having to research the global goals, and learning more about what they are and how to help solve it was fun. Getting the accreditations and explaining how we were going to address the goals made me excited and helped with me being able to speak to different people.

In conclusion, the Utopia Project was very long and had multiple steps to it but, it helped us prepare for a fun and exciting experience that was the showcase.