Renewable Energy


Solar power is made by solar panels. Solar panels make power for houses or small communities. Solar panels are a renewable energy form meaning that is easy to use again. The cost of solar panels to install is between $6,000 and $8,500 dollars but after it is installed there is only small amount of payment. Solar panels are very efficient.


Wind power is made by wind turbines. Wind turbines rotate like a fan to turn a generator which sends power to communities. Wind turbines are a renewable energy source and clean for the environment. Wind power is not as reliable, as it only works when there is wind. It is a good and clean energy source, but it has some down sides. Wind power is expensive, $42,000 per year, but there are lots of positives too.

Renewable vs coal

Renewable sources and coal are two very different ways to produce energy. Coal is not very good for the environment, as it pollutes the air and releases greenhouse gases. Renewable energy is usually better for the environment because it doesn’t emit these gases and it is not used up. Although, renewable energy is not always as reliable as coal, because they use natural resources which aren’t always available.


Greywater is a loop reusing water from your house. The water from sources such as your bath, shower, and washing machine goes through a filter before being reused. This means that less clean water is used from our environment. Greywater is clean. It is filtered before reuse, meaning it is not dirty water. Water from your toilet cannot be reused, as it is blackwater, not greywater.

Acid rain

When fossil fuels are burnt so2 and no2 what mixes in with water and oxygen what evaporates in to the air making clouds so when it rains it rains acid rain when acid rain falls on to the ground it goes down in to the soil and can dissolve the plants nutrients  what plants need to be healthy. When acid rain falls down in to the river and ocean it makes the water toxic to meany animals to stop acid rain you need to use renewable energy

Acid Rain - Forests | Young People's Trust For the Environment


A structure built across a river to stop water flowing though This stops the run off part of th water cycle and make more evaporation. The dams stop part of the water cycle meaning that the water cycle wont finish

The World Bank is bringing back big, bad dams | Hydropower | The Guardian


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