Halle Douglas

  • Illuminate festival dance
    Reflection on Performance Describe what you did well in the performance (eg commitment, expression, accuracy, timing, spacing etc): I think I did well on hitting sharp moves in the dance like at the start when we did the 4 counts of different poses. I also think that my timing was good with the music. For…Continue Reading Illuminate festival dance
  • Causes from drink driving
    What were the biggest things you learnt while completing this task? A big thing I found was that the long and short-term effects are very dangerous as they permanently damage your brain and nervous system. Driving is also very dangerous while under the influence of alcohol as it will cause fatigue and impaired judgment, which…Continue Reading Causes from drink driving
  • Recycled Jewelry
    In InnovateED this semester, we learned about ways we could recycle jewelry. This led us to our first task: giving recycled bracelets to young hospital residents at Fiona Stanley. First, our teachers bought a bag of jewelry from an Op Shop and we all started to separate the beads into colours. Everyone was then making…Continue Reading Recycled Jewelry
  • Letter to my local MP
    20/05/202 Josh Wilson Member for Fremantle PO BOX 6022 Fremantle WA 6162 Dear Mr Wilson, My name is Halle Douglas, and I am writing to you as a Fremantle resident who is highly concerned about the issue of burning fossil fuels and how the impacts of climate change are affecting the world. Climate change is…Continue Reading Letter to my local MP
  • Role Models and Me
    This year, we have been learning about advertisements and the influence of role models. This term’s assessment is based on what makes a good role model. We have looked at different examples of healthy and unhealthy celebrities and tried to understand what it is about them that makes them healthy or unhealthy, and how they…Continue Reading Role Models and Me
  • Project Utopia
    For Innovate Ed in term 3, the Year 7’s focused on redesigning the Fremantle Port. My group aimed to provide a green and recreational space. By the end of the term, every group had a completed vision board about the area that they were redesigning and presented them to staff members and parents that were…Continue Reading Project Utopia