For Innovate Ed in term 3, the Year 7’s focused on redesigning the Fremantle Port. My group aimed to provide a green and recreational space. By the end of the term, every group had a completed vision board about the area that they were redesigning and presented them to staff members and parents that were able to come. We were lucky to be able to visit the port and see where the future design would be.

My group was Eden, Eli, and Jamie. From the liveability factors. My group decided to focus on play. We thought that this would be good, as we wanted people to enjoy having an open space to play, have picnics, and a space to relax. We aimed for this green space to be appropriate for every age since there would be a variety of things to do at the park.

In terms of communication, my group talked a lot about our ideas and what we should do to help redesign our area. I feel that we needed to talk about our problems and our ideas, as it helped us find solutions. For example, my group was stuck on whether we should focus on transport or focus on doing a green and recreational space. We were able to help each other out by giving each other feedback and speaking about what was wrong and what needed to be fixed. By listening to each other and respecting each person’s ideas, my group was able to collaborate effectively.

I think that we were able to work together and achieve goals to have been able to complete our vision board in time. For instance, my group came up with goals for us to achieve individually and together, and helped each other to solve our problems.

To conclude, I learned a lot from collaborating and communication with other students as it opened my mind to other people’s point of views. I enjoyed the creation of the vision board and how my group all got along well. This was an interesting and fun assignment.

Showcase Day
Sharing Ideas
Walking Tour
My groups Vision Board

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