This year, we have been learning about advertisements and the influence of role models. This term’s assessment is based on what makes a good role model. We have looked at different examples of healthy and unhealthy celebrities and tried to understand what it is about them that makes them healthy or unhealthy, and how they show their values through their behavior. We also looked at how the celebrities show their values, attitude, and beliefs towards themselves and others and our thoughts on how the media influences our opinions on the healthiness of celebrities through the photos they show and the articles that are written. Sometimes the media discusses things that they want us to believe.

I believe that everything seen or read in the Media isn’t always true. It usually depends on what media sources are being looked at, as different stations can often give very different opinions. Sometimes the media doesn’t give all sides of the stories which can manipulate people into thinking others are at fault or in the wrong.

We are also showing our values in ourselves and made a house full of values that we use day-to-day. The top 3 values that not only myself but others say that I show to myself and everyone around me is Love, Trust, and Hope. Love is my biggest value that I use since I care about my family and friends. I also take care of myself in ways to make sure that I am happy with how I am.

My house of values that I created.

I also think that trust is a value that I use very often as I love to let people know that they can always talk to me when needed. I also need people that I can talk to for support and advice when needed like my parents and close friends as I talk to them when I need someone by my side. The last value that I also use is Hope. I use hope because I want to be able to look forward and if things are bad, hope makes it worth continuing because it is a way forward in life.

Healthy role model – Ash Barty

Ash Barty demonstrates that she is a healthy role model as her values include inspiration, support, and strength. She has inspired a generation of young people to achieve their goals, particularly the young indigenous people in Australia. Ash Barty demonstrates to everyone that she shows strength in her tennis strokes and shows stamina when she is on the court. She is usually pictured on the tennis court or post tennis match which shows people that she is a fit and productive person.

Ash Barty proves to people that she is healthy as she comes across as vibrant and glowing with health.

I believe that people should look up to Ash Barty as a healthy and active role model because she demonstrates healthy beliefs, attitudes, and respectful behavior. She often has to give press conferences and she speaks well and seems like a good sportsman. She promotes that sport is healthy and also fun. It is inspiring as a lot of people look up to her productiveness and strength and how people follow her to eventually become a professional tennis player.

Ash Barty demonstrates the values of uniqueness since she was the first indigenous woman to become world no.1 in tennis and that she retired while she was still Number one. She also shows strong use of hope as she always hopes to do well and better. She aspires to be the best that she can be. In her interviews, she comes across as using the value of caring since she cares about her family and her community, as well as the people she verses on the court.

Overall, I strongly consider Ash Barty as an active, caring, and healthy role model that people should follow, mainly people who have a passion for tennis.

Unhealthy role model – Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan demonstrates that she was an unhealthy role model as she shows that she has trauma with drug and alcohol addiction, intoxicated driving, and being sent to jail. She was often pictured looking and acting like she didn’t respect herself and seemed to never be happy. In past photos, when she was younger, her eyes look heavy like she’s been affected by drugs and alcohol.

She’s in an arrest photo which proves that she is getting arrested for doing illegal stuff, her eyes look heavy and she looks tired and affected.

Lindsay lohan promotes that you shouldn’t get addicted to drugs, alcohol, etc as it affects you when you are older. She also explained that when you grow up on TV as a young kid with lots of public attention, it can affect you mentally when you grow up because of all the public pressure. Kids that were similar to Lindsay Lohan’s situation probably need some help with finding healthy ways to cope.

She shows that when getting addicted to drugs and alcohol, is unhealthy as it can put your life and others at risk. E.g. Driving while intoxicated can cause a serious accident, including death.

Ultimately, I think that young people should not look up to Lindsay Lohan as she says that it is very hard to recover from what you become addicted to, it also shows that you can’t be trusted as much and that it will then affect you in the future.

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