Climate Change


Josh Wilson

Member for Fremantle

PO BOX 6022

Fremantle WA 6162

Dear Mr Wilson,

My name is Halle Douglas, and I am writing to you as a Fremantle resident who is highly concerned about the issue of burning fossil fuels and how the impacts of climate change are affecting the world.

Climate change is something that people are ignoring every day.  I am aware that this issue has been going on for centuries ever since workers started burning fossil fuels, carbon, oil, etc. But we can no longer ignore it, as the effects are now so obvious and close to home.

The world’s aim is to limit global warming to less than 1.5 degrees Celsius, but we are not on track to make sure that this will happen. Global warming is of huge importance in our life as it determines the futures of all of our fragile ecosystems across the world.  If we don’t act now, then more natural disasters will become more severe and frequent around the world. This means that sea levels will rise, and ice will melt in the northern and southern poles, affecting the wildlife’s environment and putting animals’ lives at risk of extinction.  The impacts on humans will be flooding, fires, droughts, and many more destructive changes around the world.

Another problem with climate change is the pressures that will be on the government when numerous houses and lives become destroyed by natural disasters. The government helps everyone by giving them money when their house gets destroyed by flooding, fires, etc. This expense will enormously increase over the years if we don’t make a start to solving this massive issue now. 

But how can we solve this? I strongly believe that your government can start putting measures in place that can help solve this issue. We all need your help in making a difference in the world. Not only me, but many other people agree with replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy like solar panels, wind turbines, etc, as this would help the environment. You could do more to make these things common and affordable.  Your policies could also encourage people to become car-free. Instead, find other ways to get around like walking, riding, public transport, etc. You could also make incentives for people to get electric cars as burning way less petrol and oil would make a big difference to our planet.

I sincerely hope you understand that this is a massive issue that as a young person, I feel will affect me so much in the future and I worry about the different world the next generation of children my age will see.  Your help to act now would make a big difference to the world and influence/ inspire others to do the same thing.

Thank you for taking your time to read this,


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