In InnovateED this semester, we learned about ways we could recycle jewelry. This led us to our first task: giving recycled bracelets to young hospital residents at Fiona Stanley.

First, our teachers bought a bag of jewelry from an Op Shop and we all started to separate the beads into colours. Everyone was then making beautiful bracelets. We wanted the young kids to understand and assure us that there will always be people supporting them and that they shouldn’t feel alone if they are in the same boat with other kids or people just looking out for them.

Unfortunately because of covid, we weren’t allowed to give the bracelets to the kids but we were allowed to connect with the $20 Boss group to sell the bracelets and raise money for the sick kids at Fiona Stanley.

Along with making bracelets, our group brainstormed other ideas that we could make with second-hand beads. There were other options that we thought of phone charms, magnets, picture borders, etc. Our group decided to make phone charms and picture borders.

Our group stall ended up being a success, selling enough bracelets to raise money for helping the sick kids.

creating our prototype

To conclude, I feel that everyone connected and collaborated well during the making of our prototype as we helped and taught each other when we were struggling with creating our prototype. We all used our creative minds to come up with amazing and eye-drawing patterns.

the day of the market