RAFFA project

This term in innovatED we were working on a project with RAFFA which is an organization that creates a home like place for elderly people. A main part of them living there is giving them food. An issue that has been going on at RAFFA is that when people want to get their food they have to go all the way to the canteen and get their food and then go all the way back to their room. Some of the elderly people can find it a challenge to walk all of that as they are elderly. So we visited RAFFA to see for ourselves what was happening. A nice lady called Corina had taken us on a tour and given us more information about RAFFA.

Our first step was to get into groups and build ideas that would help us to solve the issue. We had done some research about the prices and availability. Our goal was to create an easy way to deliver meals to the elderly but still have the meal be presentable and taste good. We had gathered a bunch of ideas and had written then all down and put them on a graph to see which ones were more realistic and we could actually achieve.

Our second step was to choose an idea and research about it more, we researched prices, availability and if we could access it.  We had seen a lot of ideas but had narrowed it down to a one option. I wasn’t here for 2 weeks so I had missed when they made a presentation and presented it. The rest of my group did a presentation about our idea and had presented it to the teacher. Other groups had also presented and had gotten chosen to present to the people who represent RAFFA.

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