During term 1 and 2, my InnovatED group (arts and crafts) had the opportunity to create art or a product to help themselves, as well as the community. I chose to make electronic art, and I combined my love for basketball with electronic art. The idea originally came from Ms. Gittos, and then I adapted the idea to my own interests. I chose to Do polygonal portrait, and I chose to edit one of my favourite basketball players, Carmelo Anthony. A polygonal portrait is when an image is edited on photoshop. A triangular section of the portrait is selected and then all the colours are blurred to give the portrait a diamond effect.


Some problems I faced was thinking of ways for it to benefit the community. I solved that problem by suggesting that we could put it in the ISC rooms as artwork. Another problem I faced was using photoshop effectively and efficiently. I was quite new to photoshop so I was not great but I got better by asking teachers and peers.


2 capabilities I used were creative thinking and problem solving. I used creative thinking to generate unique and different ideas that would benefit my skills and make me learn something new. Polygonal portraits improves my patience span as it is quite repetitive and I had to do lots at a time which taught me how to so something very repetitive efficiently and not get worn out. It also improved my photoshop skills, since photoshop is something I am not very comfortable with and doing this project made me go out of my comfort zone and do something I don’t do often. I used problem solving to solve roadblocks along the way, such as not knowing how to put a grid into photoshop. I solved this problem by researching online and asking peers and teachers.

Design thinking process

Some thinking processes I used that were especially important to my project were: Ideate- thinking of unique ideas and how to implement my skills and what I want to learn into a different and challenging project. Empathise: imagining what other people would view and think about my artwork. Make: creating my project on photoshop. Define: think of what I really want to do. Research: find images and research effective techniques to use.


For me, the showcase was a big success. I showed my hard work and skills and I got lots of commendations compliments. I also got lots of positive feedback. I had a variety of different aged audiences, ranging from young junior school kids to older parents and teachers. Everyone was very interested in my project and asked me how I did it.


I really enjoyed working on this project in semester 1. It taught me a lot of new skills and I had a lot of fun. At times I was really unmotivated and wasn’t bothered to do work but in the end I did a solid amount in one of the hardest parts of the picture. If I was to do this project again, I would probably choose an easier image so I could finish it in the time provided and I would have a completed artwork to show others.

Here is a photo of the face before editing (I am going to edit whole body but I have only done face so far) and on the right there is a photo after the edit.

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