Year 8 Life skills neuroplasticity reflection

Neuroplasticity Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to remodel or rewire itself. Neuroplasticity primarily occurs from a process called sprouting and rerouting. Sprouting is the creation of new connections between neurons, or nerve cells. Rerouting is when an alternate neural pathway by deleting damaged neurons and forming a new pathway between active neurons. New…Continue Reading Year 8 Life skills neuroplasticity reflection

semester 1

Introduction During term 1 and 2, my InnovatED group (arts and crafts) had the opportunity to create art or a product to help themselves, as well as the community. I chose to make electronic art, and I combined my love for basketball with electronic art. The idea originally came from Ms. Gittos, and then I…Continue Reading semester 1

Utopia reflection

Utopia Reflection Our goal of this utopian society project was to try to create a utopia in small groups. It started off during home learning when we read the giver and thought about what they considered a utopia and why. We were then told we were going to create a physical or digital model of…Continue Reading Utopia reflection