My Eportfolio

  • Woodwork year 8 reflection
    My goals My goals in this woodwork task was to first make a design that I found visually appealing and also good to hold. I also wanted to get a B at minimum in this assessment piece. My design My design was to make a snake like handle. I used the scroll saw for the […]
  • Aquaponics and Sustainable food Reflection
    In my time in sustainable food and aquaponics I worked with a partner to fix up a wicking bed and get plants in there to grow. We started off by researching some plants which could be grown in a wicking bed also how to use a wicking bed. We ended up using tomatoes so we […]
  • Fixed and Growth Mindset
    A fixed mindset is when you have been struggling with something and you started to think that you can’t do it. Where as a growth mindset is when you believe that you can complete this goal you have and get past a road block. A time i have had a closed/ fixed mindset is when […]
  • Utopia project
    During term 2 and 3 year 7 worked on a utopia project where we had to create a close to perfect and sustainable world. This project incorporated a lot of subjects such as English, science, humanities and innovatED. We started off this whole process by doing the giver the project. The idea of the story […]